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USGS 125 Year Anniversary

USGS Pacific Science Center Open House

Schedule of Events (in Auditorium):

1:00 p.m.
Welcome and opening remarks
1:30 - 2:30 p.m.
"Down the Great Unknown"
One-man play featuring the life of John Wesley Powell and his personal and scientific accounts of the first expedition down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in 1869. Starring Earll Kingston.
3:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Possible second showing of "Down the Great Unknown," if needed.

List of Exhibits (open from noon to 5 p.m.):

Reception area

125 years of USGS Geographic Science
USGS Geography Discipline

Long Hall

Framed posters about selected research projects by the Western Region Coastal & Marine Geology Team
Rex Sanders, Laura Torresan, Bruce Rogers
A Clarence King gallery--the U.S. Geological Survey's first director
Liz Colvard
How contaminated is the seafloor off Los Angeles?
Homa J. Lee, Marlene Noble, Brian Edwards, Jinping Xu, Lori Hibbeler
Using seafloor photography and mapping techniques to characterize marine benthic habitats
Brian Edwards, Peter Dartnell, Henry Chezar
Saltwater intrusion in Los Angeles area coastal aquifers
Brian Edwards, Daniel Ponti, Kenneth Ehman, John Tinsley, Eric Reichard
Sedimentation and bathymetry changes in south San Francisco Bay: 1858-1983
Amy Foxgrover, Shawn Higgins, Melissa Ingraça, Bruce Jaffe, Richard Smith
Mineral weathering and hydrology of marine terraces in Santa Cruz County, CA
Jorie Schulz
From many to one: usSEABED shows us the seafloor
Jane Reid, Nadine Golden
Digital mosaic of southern Molokai from historical aerial photographs
Pat S. Chavez, Jr., Jo-Ann Isbrecht, Miguel G. Velasco, Michael E. Field
GPS current drifters used to track Hawaiian coral spawning
Curt Storlazzi, Tom Reiss, Gerry Hatcher


USGS Coral Reef Studies
Susie Cochran-Marquez
Coral Reef Game
Susie Cochran-Marquez
Parke Snavely, Jr.--Memories of a "Geofacilitator Extraordinaire"
Bruce Rogers
Man-made changes to the floor of San Francisco Bay
John Chin
NOAA Fisheries Santa Cruz Lab
Lisa Wooninck
History wall--Photographs of vessels used by the USGS Coastal & Marine Geology Program
Dennis Mann

Far Hall

A model for reconstructing the history of sediment deposition in San Pablo Bay between 1856 and 1983
Shawn Higgins, Richard Smith, Christopher C. Fuller, Bruce Jaffe
Interdisciplinary science in restoration of south San Francisco Bay salt ponds
John Takekawa, Keith Miles, Nicole Athearn
Suisun Bay and Delta bathymetry: production of a 1-meter grid
Richard Smith, Amy Foxgrover, Peter Smith
Climate forcing of estuarine geomorphology: simulation approaches and initial results
N.K. Ganju, D.H. Schoellhamer, M.A. Lionberger
Desalinization, erosion, and tidal changes following the breaching of Napa salt pond 3
K. Swanson, G.G. Shellenbarger, D.H. Schoellhamer, N.K. Ganju, N. Athearn, P. Buchanan

East Hall

From strawberry fields to the ozone layer: the methyl bromide story
Laurence G. Miller, Shaun M. Baesman, Ronald S. Oremland
Discovery of methane gas hydrate from a mud volcano offshore Los Angeles: effects on sediments and biota
Jim Hein, Brandie McIntyre
Exciting new discoveries of submarine hydrothermal systems, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, west Pacific
Jim Hein, Brandie McIntyre

Computer Lab

Flythrough display of Moloka‘i coral reef bathymetry
Joshua Logan
Virtual tsunami!
Eric Geist
The future of tsunami research at the USGS
Bruce Jaffe, Eric Geist, Guy Gelfenbaum, Robert Peters
Modern and paleotsunami deposits
Robert Peters, Bruce Jaffe, Guy Gelfenbaum

Middle Hall

Sediment yield from coastal landslides and active slope distribution along the Big Sur coast, Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties, CA
Cheryl Hapke, Krystal Green
Coastal cliff erosion rates along the Big Sur coast, Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties, CA
Cheryl Hapke, Krystal Green
Santa Cruz satellite imagery: oblique view of the Monterey Bay area showing onland topography and faults
Gerald Bawden, Sandra Schmitz

West Hall

Monterey Canyon: What happens at the downstream end?
William R. Normark, Jane A. Reid, Andrea Fildani

Seminar Room and Lunchroom

Understanding and predicting large-scale coastal change
Peter Ruggiero, Giles Lesser, Guy Gelfenbaum, Jodi Eshleman
Ocean Beach coastal processes study
Patrick Barnard
Create your own 3D topographic model
Alan Allwardt, Parker Allwardt
Looking for a needle in a haystack—Search for missing instruments in the Monterey Submarine Canyon
Jingping Xu, Marlene Noble, Charlie Paull, Leslie Rosenfeld
USGS Internet resources: a guided tour of USGS Web sites
Alan Allwardt

Photogrammetry Lab

3D display of landslides along the Big Sur coast using photogrammetry
Cheryl Hapke, Krystal Green

Auditorium Hall

Strike-slip along the San Gregorio fault: Santa Cruz and Point Reyes, once close, have drifted apart
Rick Stanley, Paul Lillis
Submarine geologic hazards: examples from Santa Barbara to San Pedro, CA
Michael A. Fisher, H. Gary Greene, Ray Sliter
How seismic-reflection data are collected and interpreted
Ray Sliter, Jamie Conrad, Holly Ryan
How we use seismic-reflection data to map faults off the coast of southern California
Ray Sliter, Jamie Conrad, Holly Ryan
Tapestry of Time and Terrain jigsaw puzzle
David Howell, GeoKids

Lab Hall

Development of a time-series method for estimating seepage from streambed thermal records: examples from California coastal streams
Christine E. Hatch, Andrew T. Fisher, James E. Constantz
Characterizing saline waters with isotopes in the coastal alluvial aquifers of Monterey Bay, CA
Randy Hanson
Geohydrology of recharge and seawater intrusion in the Pajaro Valley, Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties, CA
Randy Hanson

Sediment Lab

Precipice of survival: the southern sea otter
Alisha Kage, Gena Bentall, Tim Tinker, Christine Alfano
Adventures in geochemistry
Bob Rosenbauer, Fran Hostettler, Renée Takesue, Keith Kvenvolden

Instrument Lab

How healthy is that plant? Measuring chlorophyll fluorescence
Greg Piniak
The secret life of seagrass: flow, sediment transport, and Zostera marina
Jessie Lacy

Third Lab

Ripples and dunes
Carissa Carter, David Rubin
Digital grain-size analysis using handheld "eyeball" camera
Jodi Harney

Mechanical Shop

Paleoseismology: digging for earthquakes on the San Andreas Fault
Tom Fumal
1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake studies and probabilities of future earthquakes in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay area
USGS Earthquake Hazards Team


125 years of science for America
U.S. Geological Survey


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