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Continents: Africa   Antarctica   Asia   Australia   Europe   North America   South America  
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The fundamental organization of data sets within InfoBank is based on their association with a particular field activity.
  • Because needs are frequently area-based, not activity-based, InfoBank data are also presented based on geographic areas of the world.

  • The InfoBank Atlas consists of approximately 500 areas (~200 oceanic and ~300 continental). (Show groupings).

  • The areas are based on a combination of political, physiographic, and project considerations.

Map of Earth Africa Antarctica Arctic Ocean Arctic Ocean Asia Atlantic Ocean Australian Continent Eastern Hemisphere Europe Indian Ocean North America Northern Hemisphere Pacific Ocean South America Southern Hemisphere Southern Ocean Western Hemisphere

Expanded InfoBank Atlas description

The Atlantic and Pacific are further divided into:
   North Atlantic, South Atlantic, North Pacific, Central Pacific, South Pacific, and Western Pacific.
These oceans and oceanic subdivisions contain gulfs, seas, and coastal divisions, such as:
North Atlantic Ocean US Atlantic Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea
North Pacific Ocean US Pacific Coast, Gulf of California
South Pacific Ocean Melanesia, Polynesia
Indian Ocean Arabian Sea, Red Sea

Contained within these are island nations/territories, EEZ divisions, marine sanctuaries, and bays, such as:
Island nations Bermuda, Greenland, Cuba, Johnson Atoll, Vanuatu
EEZ divisions Gulf of Maine EEZ, Florida EEZ, Great Lakes EEZ, Alaska EEZ, Hawaii EEZ, Central California EEZ
Marine Sanctuaries Cordell Bank NMS, Gulf of Farallones NMS, Monterey Bay NMS
Bays Massachusetts Bay, San Francisco Bay, Puget Sound


Some continents are subdivided, such as:
North America Canada, United States, Latin America
Europe Northern Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe
Asia Eastern Asia, Southeastern Asia, Southcentral Asia, Western Asia, Siberia
Africa Northern Africa, Western Africa, Middle Africa, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa

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