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This gives a detailed description about InfoBank Carnak

  What is InfoBank? The USGS CMG InfoBank is a structured information storage scheme consisting of:
  • Databases
  • Web sites
  • Research Libraries
  What data are in InfoBank? InfoBank contains:
  • The CMG InfoBank is expanding, evolving, and contains information in various stages of development.

    Metadata about field data collection activities
    Topic More Information
    ID Example , Description , List
    Organization Example
    Project/Theme Example
    Area of Operation Example
    Bounding Coordinates Example
    Chief Scientist Example , List
    Information Specialist Example
    Crew Example , Description , List
    Activity Type Example
    Purpose Example
    Platform Example , List
    Dates Example , Description , List
    Ports Example , Description
    Equipment Used Example , List
    Information to be Derived Example
    Summary Example
    NGDC Overview Example
    Publications Example
    Notes Example
    Materials Example , Description , List

    Digital data from field data collection activities
    Data Type More Information
    Bathymetry Example , Description , List
    Cameras Description , List
    Geodetics Description , List
    Gravity Example , Description , List
    Magnetics Example , Description , List
    Meters Example , Description , List
    Navigation Example , Description , List
    Samples Example , Description , List
    Seismic Example , Description , List

    Materials from field data collection activities
    Material Type More Information
    Paper records, field notes, and maps Example , Physical Location , Container
    Cores and samples Example , Physical Location , Description , Container
    Computer tapes and floppies Example , Physical Location , Container
    Microfilm and video tapes Example , Physical Location , Container
      Who can access InfoBank? Information can be browsed and copied by anyone.
      How can InfoBank be accessed? Just as you are doing now -- through the Web at
      How can information be entered into or modified within InfoBank? New or modified information and data should be submitted for inclusion to Clint Steele to be reviewed and installed.
      Who maintains InfoBank? InfoBank is maintained by a database team ( Clint Steele, Carolyn Degnan, Carol Reiss, and Sumy Tom)
      How do you get more help? For further assistance contact Clint Steele.
      Does CMG have NGDC CDs? Some. Who has them?
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