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USGS Open House 2000 Visiting Marine Geologists

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Executive ProducerUSGS Coastal and Marine Geology
ProducersDAPS Group
DirectorClint Steele
Associate DirectorsCarolyn Degnan
Dan Mosier
Casting DirectorCarolyn Degnan
CinematographerClint Steele
EditorsClint Steele
Carolyn Degnan
Trainee Assistant EditorNicholas Degnan
First Assistant CameraDan Mosier
Camera and VideoHank Chezar
Lighting DesignerHank Chezar
Location ManagersDAPS Group
Location SetsNancy Soderberg
Hank Chezar
Chris Gutmacher
Property MastersSue Hunt
Mike Torresan
Clint Steele
Carolyn Degnan
Set DesignersClint Steele
Dan Mosier
Carolyn Degnan
Chief ResearchersCarolyn Degnan
Hank Chezar
Key Dresser (Wardrobe)Dan Mosier
Wardrobe DressersNicholas Degnan
Judy Steele
Diana Collins
Unit Publicist Helen Gibbons
AdvertisingHelen Gibbons
Carolyn Degnan
Diana Collins
Clint Steele
Still PhotographersHelen Gibbons
Chris Gutmacher
Mike Diggles
Carolyn Degnan
Sign PaintersDiana Collins
Phil Stoffer
Helen Gibbons
Animal WranglerCarolyn Degnan

No animals were harmed during filming of this event.

Cast of thousands, in order of appearance ...

Click on a number range to see visitors.
numbers 4162541 through 4172958
numbers 4173759 through 4180253
numbers 4181215 through 4182731
numbers 4182956 through 4184356
numbers 4184602 through 4190056
numbers 4190236 through 4191753
numbers 4191928 through 4193621
numbers 4193744 through 4195332
numbers 4195825 through 4202351
numbers 4203122 through 4204015
numbers 4204256 through 4205747
numbers 4210206 through 4211632
numbers 4211728 through 4213006
numbers 4213110 through 4213836
numbers 4213938 through 4215025
numbers 4215412 through 4220241
numbers 4220508 through 4221421
numbers 4221516 through 4222550
numbers 4222718 through 4223520
numbers 4223945 through 4225858
numbers 4230916 through 4231527
numbers 4231912 through 5170706
numbers 5171141 through 5174249
numbers 5174745 through 5180646
numbers 5180819 through 5183655
numbers 5185308 through 5190310
numbers 5190357 through 5190958
numbers 5191056 through 5191831
numbers 5192432 through 5193920
numbers 5194024 through 5195150
numbers 5195429 through 5200151
numbers 5200608 through 5202242
numbers 5203031 through 5203903
numbers 5204103 through 5205152
numbers 5205322 through 5210022
numbers 5210634 through 5211649
numbers 5211837 through 5212909
numbers 5213528 through 5214752
numbers 5215105 through 5220200
numbers 5221122 through 5222518
numbers 5222819 through 5224053
numbers 5224229 through 5225304
numbers 5225837 through 5231156
numbers 5231757 through 5233003
numbers 5233515 through 5233515

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