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This provides region/area-based access to Field Activity metadata and data.
  • Regions are specified in the last two characters of an InfoBank Activity ID.

  • Region-based collections are available both as Activity ID-based pages and geographic location on Google Earth.

  • Areas are defined in InfoBank's gazetteer.

  • Area-based collections are viewable geographically on Google Earth.


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Adriatic Sea (adr)
Aegean Sea (aeg)
Afghanistan (afg)
Africa (AF)
Alabama (AL)
Alaska (AK)
Alaska EEZ (akez)
Albania (alb)
Alboran Sea (albo)
Aleuian Islands, ECS (aaes)
Aleutian Arc (AA)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 1 (aaq1)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 10 (aa10)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 11 (aa11)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 12 (aa12)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 13 (aa13)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 14 (aa14)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 15 (aa15)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 16 (aa16)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 17 (aa17)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 18 (aa18)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 19 (aa19)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 2 (aaq2)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 20 (aa20)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 21 (aa21)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 22 (aa22)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 22A (a22a)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 23 (aa23)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 24 (aa24)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 25 (aa25)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 26 (aa26)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 27 (aa27)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 28 (aa28)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 29 (aa29)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 3 (aaq3)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 30 (aa30)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 4 (aaq4)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 5 (aaq5)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 6 (aaq6)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 7 (aaq7)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 8 (aaq8)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quad 9 (aaq9)
Aleutian Arc EEZ Quads 1-30 (aaq130)
Algeria (dz)
American Samoa (asm)
Amundsen Sea (ams)
Andaman Sea (and)
Andorra (ad)
Angola (ao)
Anguilla (aia)
Antarctica (ana)
Antigua and Barbuda (AG)
Arabian Gulf (agf)
Arabian Sea (ars)
Arafura Sea (araf)
Arctic Ocean (AR)
Arctic Ocean ECS (ares)
Argentina (arg)
Arizona (az)
Arkansas (ar)
Armenia (am)
Aruba (aw)
Ascension Island (ai)
Ashmore and Cartier Islands (ati)
Asia (as)
Atlantic Coast, US (ac)
Atlantic East Coast, ECS (aces)
Atlantic Ocean (AT)
Australia (AU)
Australian Continent (aunz)
Austria (aut)
Azerbaijan (aze)
Azores (azo)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
Baffin Bay (bfb)
Bahamas, The (BA)
Bahrain (bhr)
Baker Island and Howland Island (fq)
Balearic Sea (bale)
Bali Sea (bali)
Baltic Sea (bal)
Baltic States (blk)
Banda Sea (ban)
Bangladesh (bd)
Barbados (bb)
Barents Sea (bar)
Bass Strait (bass)
Bassas da India (bas)
Bay of Bengal (bng)
Bay of Biscay (bob)
Bay of Fundy (bof)
Beaufort Sea (bea)
Belarus (by)
Belgium (be)
Belize (bz)
Bellingshausen Sea (bel)
Benin (ben)
Bering Glacier, AK (BG)
Bering Sea (BS)
Bering Sea ECS (bses)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 1 (bsq1)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 10 (bs10)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 11 (bs11)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 12 (bs12)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 13 (bs13)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 13B (b13b)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 14 (bs14)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 14B (b14b)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 15 (bs15)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 16 (bs16)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 17 (bs17)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 18 (bs18)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 19 (bs19)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 2 (bsq2)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 20 (bs20)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 21 (bs21)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 22 (bs22)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 22B (b22b)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 23 (bs23)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 24 (bs24)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 25 (bs25)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 26 (bs26)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 3 (bsq3)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 4 (bsq4)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 5 (bsq5)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 6 (bsq6)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 6B (bq6b)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 7 (bsq7)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 8 (bsq8)
Bering Sea EEZ Quad 9 (bsq9)
Bering Sea EEZ Quads 1-26 (bsq126)
Bermuda (BM)
Bhutan (bt)
Big Island of Hawaii, HI (BI)
Bioko (bk)
Biscayne Bay National Park (bisc)
Bismark Sea (bis)
Black Sea (bl)
Blanco Fracture Zone (bfz)
Bolivia (bo)
Bonaire (bon)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (ba)
Boston Harbor (BH)
Botswana (bw)
Bougainville Island (bou)
Bouvet Island (bv)
Brazil (br)
Bristol Channel (bris)
British Indian Ocean Territory (iot)
British Isles (bri)
British Virgin Islands (vg)
Brunei (bn)
Bulgaria (bgr)
Burkina Faso (bf)
Burma (mm)
Burundi (bdi)
Buzzards Bay, MA (BZ)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
California (CA)
California State Waters Block 1 (ca1)
California State Waters Block 10 (ca10)
California State Waters Block 101 (ca101)
California State Waters Block 102 (ca102)
California State Waters Block 103 (ca103)
California State Waters Block 104 (ca104)
California State Waters Block 105 (ca105)
California State Waters Block 106 (ca106)
California State Waters Block 107 (ca107)
California State Waters Block 108 (ca108)
California State Waters Block 109 (ca109)
California State Waters Block 11 (ca11)
California State Waters Block 110 (ca110)
California State Waters Block 111 (ca111)
California State Waters Block 112 (ca112)
California State Waters Block 113 (ca113)
California State Waters Block 114 (ca114)
California State Waters Block 115 (ca115)
California State Waters Block 116 (ca116)
California State Waters Block 117 (ca117)
California State Waters Block 118 (ca118)
California State Waters Block 119 (ca119)
California State Waters Block 12 (ca12)
California State Waters Block 120 (ca120)
California State Waters Block 121 (ca121)
California State Waters Block 122 (ca122)
California State Waters Block 123 (ca123)
California State Waters Block 124 (ca124)
California State Waters Block 125 (ca125)
California State Waters Block 126 (ca126)
California State Waters Block 127 (ca127)
California State Waters Block 13 (ca13)
California State Waters Block 14 (ca14)
California State Waters Block 15 (ca15)
California State Waters Block 16 (ca16)
California State Waters Block 17 (ca17)
California State Waters Block 18 (ca18)
California State Waters Block 19 (ca19)
California State Waters Block 2 (ca2)
California State Waters Block 20 (ca20)
California State Waters Block 21 (ca21)
California State Waters Block 22 (ca22)
California State Waters Block 23 (ca23)
California State Waters Block 24 (ca24)
California State Waters Block 25 (ca25)
California State Waters Block 26 (ca26)
California State Waters Block 27 (ca27)
California State Waters Block 28 (ca28)
California State Waters Block 29 (ca29)
California State Waters Block 3 (ca3)
California State Waters Block 30 (ca30)
California State Waters Block 31 (ca31)
California State Waters Block 32 (ca32)
California State Waters Block 33 (ca33)
California State Waters Block 34 (ca34)
California State Waters Block 35 (ca35)
California State Waters Block 36 (ca36)
California State Waters Block 37 (ca37)
California State Waters Block 38 (ca38)
California State Waters Block 39 (ca39)
California State Waters Block 4 (ca4)
California State Waters Block 40 (ca40)
California State Waters Block 41 (ca41)
California State Waters Block 42 (ca42)
California State Waters Block 43 (ca43)
California State Waters Block 44 (ca44)
California State Waters Block 45 (ca45)
California State Waters Block 46 (ca46)
California State Waters Block 47 (ca47)
California State Waters Block 48 (ca48)
California State Waters Block 49 (ca49)
California State Waters Block 5 (ca5)
California State Waters Block 50 (ca50)
California State Waters Block 51 (ca51)
California State Waters Block 52 (ca52)
California State Waters Block 53 (ca53)
California State Waters Block 54 (ca54)
California State Waters Block 55 (ca55)
California State Waters Block 56 (ca56)
California State Waters Block 57 (ca57)
California State Waters Block 58 (ca58)
California State Waters Block 59 (ca59)
California State Waters Block 6 (ca6)
California State Waters Block 60 (ca60)
California State Waters Block 61 (ca61)
California State Waters Block 62 (ca62)
California State Waters Block 63 (ca63)
California State Waters Block 64 (ca64)
California State Waters Block 65 (ca65)
California State Waters Block 66 (ca66)
California State Waters Block 67 (ca67)
California State Waters Block 68 (ca68)
California State Waters Block 69 (ca69)
California State Waters Block 7 (ca7)
California State Waters Block 70 (ca70)
California State Waters Block 71 (ca71)
California State Waters Block 72 (ca72)
California State Waters Block 73 (ca73)
California State Waters Block 74 (ca74)
California State Waters Block 75 (ca75)
California State Waters Block 76 (ca76)
California State Waters Block 77 (ca77)
California State Waters Block 78 (ca78)
California State Waters Block 79 (ca79)
California State Waters Block 8 (ca8)
California State Waters Block 80 (ca80)
California State Waters Block 81 (ca81)
California State Waters Block 82 (ca82)
California State Waters Block 83 (ca83)
California State Waters Block 9 (ca9)
California State Waters Blocks 1-11 (ca0109)
California State Waters Blocks 101-127 (ca101127)
California State Waters Blocks 12-26 (ca1226)
California State Waters Blocks 27-31 (ca2731)
California State Waters Blocks 32-51 (ca3251)
California State Waters Blocks 38-43 (ca3843)
California State Waters Blocks 52-59 (ca5259)
California State Waters Blocks 60-68 (ca6068)
California State Waters Blocks 69-83 (ca6983)
California State Waters Blocks 72-74 (ca7274)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 1 (cwq1)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 10 (cw10)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 11 (cw11)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 12 (cw12)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 13 (cw13)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 14 (cw14)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 15 (cw15)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 16 (cw16)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 17 (cw17)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 18 (cw18)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 19 (cw19)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 2 (cwq2)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 20 (cw20)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 21 (cw21)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 22 (cw22)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 23 (cw23)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 24 (cw24)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 25 (cw25)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 26 (cw26)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 27 (cw27)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 28 (cw28)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 29 (cw29)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 3 (cwq3)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 30 (cw30)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 32 (cw32)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 33 (cw33)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 34 (cw34)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 35 (cw35)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 36 (cw36)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 4 (cwq4)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 5 (cwq5)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 6 (cwq6)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 6 (cw6)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 7 (cwq7)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 8 (cwq8)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quad 9 (cwq9)
California-Oregon-Washington EEZ Quads 1-36 (cwq136)
Cambodia (kh)
Cameroon (cm)
Canada (CN)
Canary Islands (cn)
Cape Cod (CD)
Cape Verde (cv)
Caribbean Sea (CB)
Caspian Sea (cas)
Cayman Islands (cym)
Celebes Sea (cel)
Celtic Sea (celt)
Central African Republic (cf)
Central America (cam)
Central California (CC)
Central California EEZ (ccez)
Central Gulf of Mexico EEZ (cgez)
Central Pacific Ocean (CP)
Ceram Sea (cer)
Chad (td)
Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, CA (scci)
Chesapeake Bay (CH)
Chile (cl)
China (CI)
Christmas Island (cx)
Chukchi Sea (CS)
Clipperton Island (ip)
Cocos (Keeling) Islands (cck)
Cocos Ridge (cr)
Colombia (col)
Colorado (CO)
Comoros (com)
Congo, Democratic Republic of the (zr)
Congo, Republic of the (cg)
Connecticut (CT)
Cook Islands (ck)
Coral Sea (crl)
Coral Sea Islands (cor)
Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, CA (nccb)
Costa Rica (cri)
Cote D'Ivoire (ci)
Croatia (hr)
Cuba (cu)
Curacao (cur)
Cyprus (cy)
Czech Republic (cz)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
Davis Strait (da)
Delaware (DL)
Denmark (dk)
District of Columbia (dc)
Djibouti (dj)
Dominica (dm)
Dominican Republic (do)
Drake Passage (dp)
Drakes Estero, CA (DE)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
East China Sea (ecs)
East Coast US (EC)
East Sea (eas)
East Siberian Sea (ess)
East Timor (tp)
Easter Island (ei)
Eastern Africa (eaf)
Eastern Asia (ea)
Eastern Europe (eeu)
Eastern Gulf of Alaska (EG)
Eastern Hemisphere (ehem)
Eastern Mediterranian Sea (emed)
Ecuador (ecu)
Egypt (egy)
El Salvador (sv)
English Channel (EN)
Equitorial Guinea (gq)
Eritrea (er)
Escanaba Trough (est)
Estonia (ee)
Ethiopia (et)
Europa Island (eui)
Europe (eu)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary (asmf)
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) (FK)
Faroe Islands (fo)
Fiji (fj)
Finland (fi)
Flores Sea (fls)
Florida (FL)
Florida Bay (flby)
Florida EEZ (flez)
Florida Everglades (ever)
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (flky)
Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary (wgfg)
France (fr)
French Guiana (gf)
French Polynesia (pf)
French Southern and Antarctic Lands (fs)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
Gabon (gab)
Galapagos Islands (gal)
Gambia, The (gmb)
Gaza Strip (gz)
Georges Bank (GK)
Georgia (geo)
Georgia, US (GE)
Germany (deu)
Ghana (gh)
Gibraltar (gi)
Glacier Bay, AK (GB)
Global (GL)
Gloriaso Islands (go)
Gorda Ridge (gor)
Grand Canyon (GC)
Grays Reef National Marine Sa nctuary, GA (sbgr)
Great Australian Bight (grab)
Great Lakes (gr)
Great Lakes EEZ (glez)
Greater Antilles (gan)
Greece (grc)
Greenland (GR)
Greenland Sea (grs)
Grenada (gd)
Guadeloupe (gp)
Guam (gu)
Guatemala (GT)
Guernsey (gk)
Guinea (gn)
Guinea-Bissau (gnb)
Gulf Coast, US (gc)
Gulf of Aden (gad)
Gulf of Alaska (GA)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 31 (ga31)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 32 (ga32)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 33 (ga33)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 34 (ga34)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 35 (ga35)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 36 (ga36)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 37 (ga37)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 38 (ga38)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 39 (ga39)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 40 (ga40)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 41 (ga41)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 42 (ga42)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 43 (ga43)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 44 (ga44)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 45 (ga45)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 46 (ga46)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 47 (ga47)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 48 (ga48)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 49 (ga49)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 50 (ga50)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 51 (ga51)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 52 (ga52)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 53 (ga53)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 54 (ga54)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 55 (ga55)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 56 (ga56)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 57 (ga57)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 58 (ga58)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 59 (ga59)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quad 60 (ga60)
Gulf of Alaska EEZ Quads 31-60 (ga3160)
Gulf of Alaska, ECS (gaes)
Gulf of Aqaba (goa)
Gulf of Boni (gobn)
Gulf of Bothnia (gobt)
Gulf of California (gca)
Gulf of Carpentaria (gcar)
Gulf of Finland (gof)
Gulf of Guinea (gog)
Gulf of Maine (GU)
Gulf of Maine EEZ (NE)
Gulf of Mexico (GM)
Gulf of Mexico (Eastern Gap), ECS (cges)
Gulf of Mexico (Western Gap), ECS (gmes)
Gulf of Oman (gom)
Gulf of Riga (gori)
Gulf of St. Lawrence (gosl)
Gulf of Suez (gos)
Gulf of Thailand (got)
Gulf of Tomini (goto)
Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, CA (ncf)
Guyana (gy)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
Haiti (ht)
Half Moon Bay, CA (hm)
Halmahera Sea (hal)
Hawaii (HW)
Hawaii (Necker Ridge), ECS (nres)
Hawaii EEZ (hwez)
Hawaii I EEZ (hw1)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 1 (h1q1)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 10 (h110)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 11 (h111)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 12 (h112)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 13 (h113)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 14 (h114)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 15 (h115)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 16 (h116)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 17 (h117)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 18 (h118)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 19 (h119)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 2 (h1q2)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 20 (h120)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 21 (h121)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 22 (h122)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 23 (h123)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 24 (h124)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 25 (h125)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 26 (h126)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 27 (h127)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 28 (h128)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 29 (h129)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 3 (h1q3)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 4 (h1q4)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 5 (h1q5)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 6 (h1q6)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 7 (h1q7)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 8 (h1q8)
Hawaii I EEZ Quad 9 (h1q9)
Hawaii I EEZ Quads 1-29 (hiq129)
Hawaii II EEZ (hw2)
Hawaii III EEZ (hw3)
Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary (hwhw)
Heard Island and McDonald Islands (hmd)
Hispaniola (his)
Holy See (Vatican City) (vat)
Honduras (hn)
Hong Kong (hk)
Hudson Bay (hud)
Hudson Strait (huds)
Humbolt Bay, CA (HB)
Hungary (hu)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
Iceland (is)
Iceland Sea (ic)
Idaho (id)
Illinois (IL)
India (ind)
Indian Ocean (IN)
Indiana (ID)
Indonesia (idn)
Indonesian Seas (ins)
Inland Sea (inl)
Inner Seas (inse)
Ionian Sea (ios)
Iowa (ia)
Iran (ir)
Iraq (iq)
Ireland (ie)
Irish Sea (irs)
Israel (isr)
Italy (IT)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
Jamaica (jm)
Jan Mayen (jn)
Japan (JP)
Jarvis Island (dq)
Java Sea (jav)
Jersey (je)
Johnston Atoll (ji)
Johnston Atoll, ECS (jies)
Jordan (jo)
Juan de Fuca Ridge (WF)
Juan de Nova Island (ju)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
Kahoolawe, HI (KW)
Kansas (ks)
Kara Sea (kra)
Kattegat (kat)
Kauai, HI (KA)
Kazakhstan (kz)
Kentucky (ky)
Kenya (ke)
Keswick Reservoir, CA (kr)
Kingman Reef and Palmyra Atoll (kp)
Kingman Reef and Palmyra Atoll, ECS (kpes)
Kiribati (ki)
Korea, North (prk)
Korea, South (kor)
Kosovo (ko)
Kuwait (kwt)
Kyrgystan (kg)

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Labrabor Sea (lab)
Laccadive Sea (lac)
Lake Baikal (LB)
Lake Erie (LE)
Lake Huron (LH)
Lake Michigan (LM)
Lake Ontario (LO)
Lake Pontchartrain, LA (pont)
Lake Superior (LS)
Lake Tahoe, CA-NV (LT)
Lake Titicaca (lti)
Lake Victoria (lvt)
Lanai, HI (ln)
Laos (lao)
Laplev Sea (lap)
Latin America (lat)
Latvia (lv)
Laurentian Fan (LF)
Lebanon (lb)
Leeward Islands (lwd)
Lesotho (lso)
Lesser Antilles (lan)
Liberia (lr)
Libya (ly)
Liechtenstein (li)
Ligurian Sea (lig)
Lincoln Sea (lin)
Lithuania (ltu)
Long Island Sound (LI)
Louisiana (LA)
Luxembourg (lu)

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Macau (mac)
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of (mkd)
Madagascar (mg)
Maine (ME)
Makassar Strait (mak)
Malawi (mwi)
Malaysia (my)
Maldives (mv)
Mali (ml)
Malta (mlt)
Man, Isle of (man)
Marshall Islands (mh)
Martinique (mq)
Maryland (MD)
Massachusetts (MA)
Massachusetts Bay (MY)
Maui, HI (MU)
Mauritania (mr)
Mauritius (mus)
Mayotte (myt)
Mediterranean Sea (MS)
Melanesia (mel)
Mexico (MX)
Michigan (mi)
Michigan, Upper Peninsula (miup)
Micronesia, Federated States of (fm)
Middle Africa (maf)
Middle Atlantic Bight EEZ (MC)
Middle Atlantic Region, US (mat)
Midway Islands (mdw)
Midwest US, Eastern Section (mwe)
Midwest US, Western Section (mww)
Midwest, US (MW)
Minnesota (mn)
Mississippi (MI)
Mississippi Delta (dlta)
Missouri (mo)
Moldova (mda)
Molokai, HI (MK)
Molokai, HI (North) (mkn)
Molokai, HI (South) (mks)
Molucca Sea (mol)
Monaco (mc)
Mongolia (mng)
Monitor National Marine Sanctuary, NC (sbmo)
Montana (mt)
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, CA (ncmb)
Monterey Bay National MarineSanctuary Drainage, CA (mbkb)
Monterey Bay, CA (MB)
Monterey Bay, CA (North) (mbn)
Monterey Bay, CA (South) (mbs)
Monterey County, CA (moc)
Montserrat (msr)
Morocco (mar)
Mozambique (mz)
Mozambique Channel (mzc)

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Namibia (nam)
Nauru (nr)
Navassa Island (bq)
Nebraska (ne)
Nepal (npl)
Netherlands (nl)
Netherlands Antilles (ant)
Nevada (nv)
New Caledonia (ncl)
New England (nen)
New Hampshire (NH)
New Jersey (NJ)
New Mexico (nm)
New York (NY)
New York Bight (NB)
New Zealand (NZ)
Nicaragua (nic)
Niger (ner)
Nigeria (ng)
Niue (nu)
Norfolk Island (nf)
North America (nac)
North Atlantic Ocean (NA)
North Carolina (NR)
North Dakota (nd)
North Pacific Ocean (NP)
North Sea (nos)
Northern Africa (naf)
Northern California (NC)
Northern Europe (neu)
Northern Hemisphere (nhem)
Northern Mariana Islands (mp)
Northern Mariana Islands and Guam (East Side), ECS (mpes)
Northern Mariana Islands and Guam (West Side), ECS (gues)
Northwest Passages (nwp)
Norton Sound, AK (NS)
Norway (no)
Norwegian Sea (nws)

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Oahu, HI (OA)
Oahu, HI (East) (oae)
Oahu, HI (West) (oaw)
Ohio (OH)
Oklahoma (ok)
Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, WA (pnoc)
Oman (om)
Oregon (OR)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
Pacific Coast, US (PC)
Pacific Islands EEZ (piez)
Pacific Northwest EEZ (pnez)
Pacific Ocean (pac)
Pacific West Coast (CC), ECS (cces)
Pacific West Coast (Mendocino Ridge), ECS (nces)
Pacific West Coast (NW Coast), ECS (woes)
Pakistan (pk)
Palau (plw)
Palos Verdes, CA (pv)
Panama (pan)
Papua New Guinea (pg)
Paracel Islands (par)
Paraguay (py)
Pennsylvania (pa)
Persian Gulf (prg)
Peru (PE)
Philippine Sea (phs)
Philippines (PH)
Pitcairn Islands (pcn)
Poland (pl)
Polynesia (pol)
Ponape (po)
Portugal (pt)
Prince William Sound, AK (PW)
Puerto Rico (PR)
Puget Sound, WA (PS)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
Qatar (qa)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
Red Sea (RS)
Resurection Bay, AK (RB)
Reunion (re)
Rhode Island (RI)
Rio de la Plata (rdp)
Rocky Mountains, US (RM)
Romania (ro)
Ross Sea (ros)
Russia (RU)
Rwanda (rw)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
Saint Helena (sh)
Saint Kitts and Nevis (kn)
Saint Lucia (lc)
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (pm)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (vc)
Samoa (ws)
San Francisco Bay, CA (SF)
San Francisco County, CA (sfc)
San Marino (sm)
San Mateo County, CA (smc)
Santa Barbara Channel (sbc)
Santa Cruz County, CA (scc)
Sao Tome and Principe (st)
Saudi Arabia (sau)
Savu Sea (sav)
Scandinavia (scan)
Scotia Sea (ss)
Sea of Azov (saz)
Sea of Japan (sjp)
Sea of Marmara (sama)
Sea of Okhotsk (sok)
Senegal (sn)
Serbia and Montenegro (yu)
Seychelles (syc)
Siberia (sib)
Sierra Leone (sl)
Singapore (sg)
Skagerrak (ska)
Slovakia (sk)
Slovenia (si)
Solomon Islands (sb)
Solomon Sea (sol)
Somalia (so)
South Africa (za)
South America (SM)
South Atlantic Bight EEZ (SE)
South Atlantic Ocean (SA)
South Carolina (SR)
South China Sea (scs)
South Dakota (sd)
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (gs)
South Pacific Ocean (SP)
Southcentral Asia (sca)
Southeastern Asia (sea)
Southern Africa (saf)
Southern California (SC)
Southern California EEZ (scez)
Southern Europe (seu)
Southern Hemisphere (shem)
Southern Ocean (AN)
Southern US (sus)
Southern US, Eastern Section (sue)
Southern US, Western Section (suw)
Southwestern, US (SW)
Spain (ES)
Spratly Islands (spr)
Sri Lanka (lk)
St. George's Channel (stg)
Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, MA (ST)
Strait of Gibraltar (sgi)
Strait of Malacca (sma)
Sudan (sdn)
Sulu Sea (sul)
Suriname (sr)
Svalbard (sjm)
Swaziland (sz)
Sweden (se)
Switzerland (ch)
Syria (sy)

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Taiwan (TW)
Tajikistan (tj)
Tampa Bay (tamp)
Tanzania (tz)
Tasman Sea (ts)
Tennessee (tn)
Texas (TX)
Thailand (th)
Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, MI (gltb)
Timor Sea (ti)
Togo (tg)
Tokelau (tk)
Tomales Bay, CA (TB)
Tonga (to)
Trinidad and Tobago (tt)
Tromelin Island (te)
Tunisia (tun)
Turkey (tr)
Turkmenistan (tm)
Turks and Caicos Islands (tc)
Tuvalu (tv)
Tyrrhenian Sea (ty)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
U.S. Caribbean Islands EEZ (ciez)
Uganda (ug)
Ukraine (ua)
United Arab Emirates (ae)
United Kingdom (gbr)
United States (US)
United States of America (contiguous) (usa)
Uruguay (uy)
Utah (UT)
Uzebekistan (uz)

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Vanuatu (vu)
Venezuela (ve)
Vermont (vt)
Vietnam (vn)
Virgin Islands (VI)
Virginia (VA)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
Wake Island (wak)
Wallis and Futuna (wlf)
Washington (WA)
Washington-Oregon (WO)
Weddell Sea (wed)
West Bank (we)
West Coast, US (wc)
West Sea (wse)
West Virginia (WV)
Western Africa (waf)
Western Asia (mid)
Western Europe (weu)
Western Gulf of Alaska (WG)
Western Gulf of Mexico EEZ (wgez)
Western Hemisphere (whem)
Western Mediterranian Sea (wmed)
Western Pacific Ocean (WP)
Western Sahara (swa)
Western US (wes)
White Sea (whi)
Windward Islands (wwi)
Wisconsin (wi)
Wyoming (WY)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
Yakutat Bay, AK (YB)
Yellow Sea (ys)
Yemen (ye)

First Letter: A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
Zambia (zm)
Zimbabwe (zw)

"Knowledge of the world is only to be acquired out in the world, and cannot be attained in a closet."
-- Lord Chesterfield

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