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Fate of Dredge Disposal Material and Polluted Sediment, Offshore Honolulu, Hawaii

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Photographs Taken Onboard Scientific Cruises

R/V Kila

University of Hawaii's research vessel R/V Kila used for USGS seismic and coring operations from 1993 through 1998


Large winch to haul equipment in and out of the water (70 Kb)

Box Corer

Box corers are lowered gently to the seafloor. When the cable is pulled up, the arm and spade (now horizontal) swing into a vertical position and seal in a representative sample of the seafloor that is appx. 20 x 30 cm and as much as 1 m deep (68 Kb)

Working the box corer

Bringing the box corer onboard after another successful sampling attempt! (60 Kb)

Hard at work 1

USGS marine technician hard at work

Hard at work 2

USGS marine technician preparing box core for sampling off of Hawaii (72 Kb)

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