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Holy Smoke(r)s! transcript

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0:01 USGS logo appears and fades
0:04 Music begins playing, as an underwater camera pans around black smokers on the seafloor.
0:05 Text appears at bottom of video, “footage courtesy of Schmidt Ocean Institute, ROV ROPOS
0:11 Text appears at top of video, “Between Tonga and Samoa along the ocean floor”
0:17 “sits the Niua volcano.”
0:23 More sample collection boxes and other equipment, attached to the ROV, can be seen. “Black smokers on this seafloor volcano”
0:28 “spew out super-heated water and minerals.”
0:33 “When they hit the cold seawater,”
0:37 “solid minerals form”
0:40 Camera angle shifts and the black smokers fill the screen
0:41 “and create these tall chimneys.”
0:54 “USGS oceanographer Amy Gartman collected particles from these black smokers. To learn more:
0:57 USGS logo appears and fades
0:59 end

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