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Video recordings of public lectures related to San Francisco Bay sand and mud, from the USGS Evening Public Lecture Series in Menlo Park, California.

Restoring the Wild Heart of South San Francisco BayRestoring the Wild Heart of South San Francisco Bay
2012, 1:30:39

The South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project.

USGS Science for a Changing Bay AreaUSGS Science for a Changing Bay Area
2011, 1:55:36

A special USGS public lecture celebrating the inaugural Bay Area Science Festival.

How is San Francisco Bay Doing?How is San Francisco Bay Doing?
2011, 1:01:54

Discoveries from four decades of studies.

Exploring California's Amazing SeafloorExploring California's Amazing Seafloor
2011, 1:10:50

The visionary California Seafloor Mapping Program.

Is Our Coast in Jeopardy?Is Our Coast in Jeopardy?
2011, 1:08:20

Predicting the impact of extreme storms on the California Coast.

2010, 1:19:12

A Scenario of a Massive West Coast Storm.

Wetland RevivalWetland Revival
2008, 1:22:29

Restoring San Francisco Bay Salt Ponds to Wetlands Habitat.

The Hidden World of the Golden GateThe Hidden World of the Golden Gate
2007, 1:07:57

How tides, currents, and humans have created an array of sea-floor features.

Shifting Shoals and Shattered RocksShifting Shoals and Shattered Rocks
2005, 1:26:40

How Man Has Changed The Floor Of San Francisco Bay.

A Delicate BalanceA Delicate Balance
2005, 1:14:40

Salt Ponds, Wetland Restoration, and Wildlife in San Francisco Bay.

Deciphering an Estuarine EcosystemDeciphering an Estuarine Ecosystem
2005, 1:07:21

35 Years of San Francisco Bay Studies.

Delta Revival — Restoration of a California EcosystemDelta Revival — Restoration of a California Ecosystem
2004, 1:25:12

Ecologist Jim Cloern will introduce the video Delta Revival, produced jointly by the USGS and the CALFED Bay-Delta Authority.

Beyond the Golden GateBeyond the Golden Gate
2002, 55:28

Oceanography, Geology, Biology, and Environmental Issues In The Gulf of the Farallones.


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