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The Cascadia Megathrust and Tectonic Stress in the Pacific Northwest

Tectonic Setting and Stress Field

Pacific Northwest Tectonic SettingExplanation

Inward pointing red arrows: Orientation of principal compressive stress

Outward pointing red arrows: Orientation of principal tensional stress

Inward pointing green arrows: Orientation of principal compressive in Puget Sound

Yellow arrows: Relative plate motion between the oceanic plates (Pacific and Juan de Fuca) and the North American plate

Stress Provinces

Pacific Northwest Stress Province: N-S oriented compressive stress

Cascade Convergence Stress Province (CCP): NNE-SSW oriented compressive stress

Basin and Range Stress Province: E-W oriented tensional stress

Canadian Mid-Plate Stress Province: NE-SW oriented compressive stress


  1. Is the N-S oriented compressive stress in the Pacific Northwest Stress Province related more to Pacific-North America relative plate motion than Juan de Fuca-North America relative plate motion?
  2. Is the direction of stress in the Cascade Convergence Stress Province related to increase coupling along the subduction zone offshore of Washington?
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