1997-98 El Niño Coastal Monitoring Program

Capitola Beach, Capitola

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October 9, 1997Capitola-10-9

Overlook of Capitola Beach showing a wide beach at the end of the summer season. Note that the beach extends well beyond the stairway at the left and nearly to the end of the groin in the right of the photograph.View is towards the east.

January 20, 1998Capitola-1-20

Capitola Beach showing a typical "winter" condition where much of the beach has retreated although "dry" sand is present at all tide levels.

February 5, 1998Capitola-2-5

Capitola Beach at the height of an "El Niño" winter storm where the beach is completely submerged at high tide and the waves impact directly on the seacliffs and coastal structures.


Various shots of the area around Capitola Beach, February 8, 1998
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Capitola-2-8 No Beach

Close-up of Capitola Beach during an "El Niño" storm. The photograph was taken at high tide and shows the combined effects of Soquel Creek floods and storm wave attack on beachfront properties.

Venetian Court Waves 2-8

High tide waves crashing against the seawall at the Venetian Court Apartments.

Venetian Court Overwash 2-8

Waves flooded up in between the rows of Venetian Court Apartments.

Margaritaville Waves

High tide waves crashing against a building at Capitola Beach. Restaurant on lower level has its windows boarded up.


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taken from October '97 - February '98

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The Boardwalk,
Santa Cruz

Capitola Beach,

Cowells Beach,
Santa Cruz

Its Beach,
Santa Cruz

Main Beach,
Santa Cruz

Seabright Beach,
Santa Cruz

Seacliff Beach,
Santa Cruz

Esplanade Drive,

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