1997-98 El Niño Coastal Monitoring Program

Esplanade Drive, Pacifica

Nine homes have been red-tagged in most critical area of coastal land loss in Central California. The cliffs here have been retreating at an average rate of about 2 feet/year since 1950, but retreated over 30 feet during two weeks in February 1998.

Attempts were made in early January to emplace a seawall at the base of the cliffs. Winter storms rolled in and left the machinery stranded.

Seven of these 9 homes have now been demolished.

January 8, 1998Pacifica, 1/8/98

January 11, 1998Pacifica, 1/11/98

February 2, 1998Pacifica, 2/2/98

February 17, 1998Pacifica, 2/17/98

February 24, 1998Pacifica, 2/24/98

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taken from October '97 - February '98

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The Boardwalk,
Santa Cruz

Capitola Beach,

Cowells Beach,
Santa Cruz

Its Beach,
Santa Cruz

Main Beach,
Santa Cruz

Seabright Beach,
Santa Cruz

Seacliff Beach,
Santa Cruz

Esplanade Drive,

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