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Photo from the webcam at Glines Canyon during dam removal process. Photo from National Park Service, Erdman Video Systems, Inc.Products


Thumbnail image as a link to the video.Public Lecture — Undamming Washington’s Elwha River
A public lecture by Dr. Amy East, USGS Research Geologist, February 26, 2015
Hear about river response to the largest dam removal in history; as a means of restoration, how well causing a disturbance works; and whether legendary salmon runs will return.


Thumbnail image of video.An Update of Dam Removal Activities in the Elwha River: dam removal, sediment dispersal, and fish relocations — 2012
Jeff Duda gives an invited 25-minute presentation at the 30th annual Salmonid Restoration Federation conference in Davis, California, that provides an overview of the collaborative monitoring and activities on the Elwha River.


Thumbnail of video.Public Lecture — 2012 Elwha Science Symposium
This video shows the three lectures given during the evening public event of the 2012 Elwha Science Symposium at Peninsula College on August 20, 2012. Speakers include Lynda Mapes (Seattle Times), Jeff Duda (USGS), and John Gussman (Doubleclick Productions).


Thumbnail of video.Science Forum — 2012 Elwha Science Symposium
This video shows the presentations given during the morning science forum of the 2012 Elwha Science Symposium at Peninsula College on August 22, 2012. Speakers include Brian Krohmer (Barnard Construction), Time Randle (Reclamation), George Pess (NOAA), Guy Gelfenbaum (USGS), Mike McHenry (LEKT), Josh Chenoweth (NPS), and Jeff Duda (USGS).


Click to go to video page.Lower Elwha River, Ground-Based Lidar Fly-Through
This animation shows a virtual fly-through of a detailed, highly accurate three-dimensional map of the lower Elwha River. The data shown were collected using a ground-based lidar scanner, which uses pulses of light to accurately map the riparian environment.


Click to go to video page.Elwha River floating weir: a tool to study adult salmon during and following dam removal
This video introduces a multi-agency team of scientists and their project to install and operate a resistance board floating weir in the Elwha River. The weir is a fish trap used within a larger program for monitoring salmon populations in the Nation's largest dam removal and river restoration project.


Click to go to video page.Public Lecture — Dam Removal in the Pacific Northwest: A new tool for river restoration?
A Public Lecture by Dr. Jonathan Warrick, USGS Research Geologist, October 28, 2010


Click for video.Simulated coastal currents in the Strait of Juan de Fuca offshore of the Elwha River delta over a 6-day interval of time


Click for video.Simulated coastal currents and suspended-sediment concentrations offshore of the Elwha River delta in the Strait of Juan de Fuca from turbid outflow from the Elwha River


Click for video.Distributed Temperature Sensing in the Elwha River Estuary

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Slide Shows

Thumbnail image of slideshow.Sealife of the Elwha — 2011
Containing some stunning photography and showing the rich diversity of life that can be found in the waters of Puget Sound, this slide show is a taxonomic inventory of the sea life encountered thus far in the USGS Elwha River Scuba Dive surveys. Intended as a photographic training manual for project staff and partners, the slide show is a great educational and outreach tool.



Thumbnail of Gline Canyon Dam before full removal.National Park Service Elwha Restoration Project Webcams, by Erdman Video Systems, Inc.
Webcam photos taken approximately every half hour show the dam removal process at Glines Canyon Dam (beginning September 4, 2011 and still running, as of August 2015) and Elwha Dam (images from August 24, 2011 – October 17, 2012). Also featured are webcams of the former lakes, Mills (formerly behind the Glines Canyon Dam) and Aldwell (formerly behind the Elwha Dam), and their deltas.


Thumbnail image from webcam.USGS Webcam images of the lower Elwha River, updated every 15 minutes


Webcam at USGS gaging station on the Elwha River at diversion near Port Angeles, WA.Real-time Data

Recent and historical Elwha River gage readings* available at:

Elwha River at Diversion (below both dam sites)

Elwha River above Lake Mills (above both dam sites)

Elwha River at McDonald Bridge (between dam sites)

*Gage records are provisional and subject to revision.


Sample graph from USGS gaging station on Elwha River.River Data

Historical river gage readings and sample results available at:

Elwha River at Diversion (below both dam sites)

Elwha River above Lake Mills (above both dam sites)

Elwha River at McDonald Bridge (between dam sites)


Photograph of USGS scientist on a wave runner conducting nearshore survey.Coastal Data

Elwha River Delta:
Time-series of bathymetry and topography and digital elevation models (DEMs) created from the data. Some data sets also include grain-size analyses from sediment samples collected during surveying.
Available on ScienceBase.

Beach surveys of topography and bathymetry data from the Elwha River delta shoreline available at:

Seafloor mapping and benthic habitat data available at:


Cover of USGS SIR 2011-5120.Publications

A list of publications, organized by topic, are available here.


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