This directory contains material which is a companion to the book "Cross-Bedding, Bedforms, and Paleocurrents" by David M. Rubin, published by SEPM (918-743-9765). Figure numbers of input files and QuickTime movies refer to images in the book. The book contains instructions for modifying and customizing input files for computational experiments to recreate bedforms. Animation_input files-- a folder of example files that can be used in the first step of making QuickTime movies. The directory contains 8 files (each 5 kB in size). Bedforms3.sit.hqx-- an application for geometric simulation of sedimentary structures produced by migrating bedforms. This program can be used to make individual mesh or gray-shade images of bedforms and cross-bedding and sequences of PICT images that can later be converted to QuickTime movies. This version of the program works with any Mac that has a math co-processor floating point unit (most of the newer macs except for the Power PC). (186 kB) Docs(MSWord).bin-- Documentation (including figures) for the Bedforms program, in MS Word 5.0 format. Docs(RTF).txt-- Documentation (including figures) for the Bedforms program, in RTF format. Docs(TEXT).txt-- Documentation (without figures) for the Bedforms program, in plain text format. Input_files-- a single compressed file containing 62 individual input files that can be used to create images using the Bedforms program. (278 kB) MacLPR1.3.2.sit.hqx-- a program that can be used to print bedform PostScript images on a laser printer (18kb) QuickTime Helpers-- a folder containing two files that can be used for making and displaying bedform QuickTime movies. "Movie conversion" is a hypercard stack that can be used to convert folders of bedform PICT images into a single compressed QuickTime movie (83 kB). FastPlayer is an application for playing the QuickTime movies on macs that have QuickTime capability (20 kB). QuickTime movies-- a folder containing QuickTime movies of bedforms producing cross-bedding. The movies are very big; if disk space is too limited for all the files, try the movie "fig.46-54morph.qt.hqx" (12,000 kB). The movies are best viewed on a screen 640x480 pixels or larger, set to 256 *grays* (not colors). 8.9 Mb 8.7 Mb 6.8 Mb 11.6 Mb 9.9 Mb The .mov.hqx files should download properly to a mac using ftp. The .mov files are needed for automatic display in WWW servers. CAPTIONS 1.4 Kb CAPTIONS are the text for most figures, from the book cited above. Source_code-- a folder containing the FORTRAN source code used by the Bedforms program. It is provided for programmers' interest but is unnecessary for using the program. (Two files, 36 kB and 41 kB) ************************************************** For more information, contact ""