Demonstration of "Flights" over geological features. Key words: Virtual reality, Geology, Bathymetry, Canyons, Submarine, Terrestrial, Fly bys, Flights, Hardware Required: IBM PC compatible 386DX or higher (386sx may not have the juice), VGA color, and 40meg free disk space. This is a demonstration of using a landscape rendering package (VistaPro) to compare various geological phenomena, particularly submarine and terrestrial canyons. This demonstration was presented at a U.S.G.S. Open Hous, held in May, 1994 at Menlo Park, CA. It is the intention of the Branch of Pacific Marine Geology, United States Geological Survey (U.S.G.S.) to make information available to the public. The motto of the survey is; "Earth Science in the Public interest." The data used to construct the demonstration comes from different places, but at some point is converted into a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) which is a U.S.G.S. format for topographic maps. VistaPro uses DEMs to construct 3-D representations of landscapes. Additional software assembles a series of landscapes into a movie, which is then displayed. Virtual Reality Labs(2341 Ganador Court, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 - 805-545-8515) Has been of enormous assistance in preparing this demo. IMPORTANT - THIS DEMO TAKES A HUGE AMOUNT OF DISK SPACE! You were warned! To get this all to work, copy the contents of disk into a single directory. Use PKUNZIP.EXE to unzip the zip file: PKUNZIP DEMO " MB (Monterey) " GC (Grand Canyon) " MONS (Olympus Mons) Please note that the MB, GC, and MONS files extract to 12 megabytes Each! You need about 40meg of disk space to run this demo. The demo should run on any 386 class machine (or higher) with color VGA output. The slides are .PCX created by Windows^(TM) PaintBrush (except for MBX.PCX and GRANC.PCX which are VistaPro, and cannot be edited by Pain(t)Brush. (Note: the Olympus Mons was added because a number of people from JPL were at the conference, and we wanted to have a comparison to the Unix based "Surveyor" program which also was being demonstrated at the meeting) Type RUN to start the darn thing. The animations can be run by themselves using: VIEWER xx.VAN (where xx is the file name) the ESC key terminates the viewer, number keys on the keypad control the display of animations, and the numbers on the keyboard control the speed of display (1 slowest, 0 fastest). During the full demo - the space key advances to the next slide, ESC terminates animations. ESC pressed during other times exits the demo. There is a .BAT file which will automatically run the demo. When active only rebooting will stop the DEMO. This was done in the PC edition of VistaPro, version 1.0 and 3.0 The demo software is the shareware version of PCXShow - the latest version of this program is available via anonymous ftp from many locations. Alan Federman - U.S.G.S. May 23, 1994 345 Middlefield Rd. MS 999 Menlo Park, CA 94025 (415-354-3211) - phone ( - Internet Address ( - Anonymous FTP site (downloads only)