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Ground Failure

Geotechnical and Surface Wave Investigation of the Great M 7.9 Denali Fault Earthquake of 3 November 2002

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About these web pages

These pages are based on the posters (shown below) presented at
the Fifth International Conference on Case Histories in
Geotechnical Engineering, New York City, NY April 13-17, 2004

Click on any portion of a poster to view the detail as a web page.

Poster of Section 1 link to surface wave testing link to spacial character of liquefaction link to liquefaction and ground displacement link to Index Map, Part 1 link to abstract

Poster of Section 2 link to Earthquake Effects on the TAPS link to general observations link to acknowledgments link to SASW-site characterization of TAPS Pump Stations 9, 10, and 11. link to Index Map, Part 2 link to liquefaction damage to the Tarmac at Northway Airport

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Index Map 2 | Liquefaction Damage at Northway Airport | Earthquake Effects on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline
SASW-Site Characterization of Pump Stations 9,10 &11 | Acknowledgments | General Observations | About These Web Pages
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