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Ground Failure

Geotechnical and Surface Wave Investigation of the Great M 7.9 Denali Fault Earthquake of 3 November 2002

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Liquefaction Damage to the Tarmac at Northway Airport

Lateral spreading at Northway Airport. Large sand vents and sink holes at the Nortway Airport.
Sand boils at Northway weather station. LIne drawing of polygon-shaped lateral spreads.

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The airport at Northway was rendered unusable by lateral spreading. The frozen surface layer and pavement runway were cut by fissures, many 10-30 cm wide, some more than a meter wide. On the perimeter of the runway were large sand vents and sink holes up to 4 m in diameter and up to 1 m deep. Reports from residents describe pressurized ground water spewing out soil 2-4 m into the air. Parallel and polygon patterns similar to those observed in the Tanana River bars were observed at Northway. Away from the runway, houses and structures were unseated and tilted on their foundations, and road settlements bent and crushed drainage culverts.

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