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Ground Failure

Geotechnical and Surface Wave Investigation of the Great M 7.9 Denali Fault Earthquake of 3 November 2002

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General Observations of Natural-Alluvial and Lifeline Systems

  1. Liquefaction of the Alpine glacial rivers during the M7.9 Denali fault earthquake of 3 November 2002 was controlled by tectonics (ponding of sediment behind faults; steepness of terrain); geologic properties of mainstem and side entering glacial river systems; and the intensity and directivity aspects of the strong ground shaking.
  2. Near the fault crossing of the Trans-Alaska pipeline, strong shaking, inertial motions, and permanent offset (5.5 meters right-lateral offset and 0.6 meters vertical) beneath the pipe resulted in damage to 8 horizontal support members, and 9 anchored supports near the fault crossing. These affects were not critical to the integrity of the pipeline, that as designed to withstand 6 meters of lateral offset and 1.5 meters of vertical slip. The Trans-alaska pipeline performed remarkably well during the event.
  3. Geotechnical and structural lifeline damages appeared to be focused towards the eastern end of the Denali-Totschunda fault rupture area. Directivity effects of the unidirectional rupture are the apparent reason. Kinematic modeling of the rupture mechanics support the field observations of amplified damage to the east.

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