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USGS CMG A-1-90-WO Metadata

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ID A-1-90-WO
Abstract United States Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California. Chief Scientists: Ed Clifton, Rick Starr. Geological data (beamtrawl, crabpot, sediment grab sampler, bubblepulser, sidescansonar, GPS, rangerange, magnetics, integratednavigation, LoranC, RhoRho, vibralift, vibratingcore, ottertrawl) of field activity A-1-90-WO in Gold Beach-Cape Blanco, Oregon from 09/21/1990 to 10/03/1990
Organization United States Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California
Project/Theme Placer Minerals Study
Chief Scientist Ed Clifton
Rick Starr
Activity Type Geological
Platform Aloha
Area of Operation Gold Beach-Cape Blanco, Oregon, Washington-Oregon
Bounding Coordinates
-124.67551    -124.21142
Ports leave Coos Bay, OR
arrive Coos Bay, OR
Dates 09/21/1990 (JD 264) to 10/03/1990 (JD 276)
Analog Materials list
Bob O'Brien Biologist, PSU
Bob Shermer Ship Captain
Bob Woolsey Geologist, Univ of Miss.
Cheryl Mardock Geologist, USBM
Curt Peterson Geophysicist, PSU
Dave Fox Biologist, ODFW
Dave Hogg Electronics Technician, USGS Western Region
Ed Clifton Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
Gerry Connard Geologist, NW Geo.
Graig McHendrie Navigator, USGS Western Region
Greg McMurray Biologist, DOGAMI
Joe Fisher Biologist, OSU
Jose Garcesto Chief Mate
Mike Hamer Navigator, USGS Western Region
Monty Simmons Geologist, Univ of Miss
Nestor Verdugo Chief Engineer
Rick Starr Chief Scientist, ODFW
Rusty Tarver Geologist, Univ of Miss
Walter O'Niell Geologist, Univ of Miss
Equipment Used
sediment grab sampler
The navigational system used on the R/V ALOHA cruise, A1-90-WO, was an
IBM 386 PC based system using inputs from an ASHTECH (MODEL #) gps receiving
unit and a DECCA 540 delnorte transponder ranging system.  Delnorte was used for
the majority of the cruise because of its higher degree of positioning accuracy
being replaced by gps only when the ship was out of range of the land based
transponder stations or in areas of poor station geometry, i.e. along baselines
between stations.  The positioning accuracy of the delnorte system is about ____
when three or more of the stations are being used for the ranging calculations,
and that of gps about ___________, but can be up to 100 meters when selective
availability (errors introduced into the gps signal by the defense department)
is implemented.  Both systems calculate ranges by using electromagnetic signals.
The travel times from the signals are converted into distances and used to
determine the ships position.

I wasn't sure about the accuracy of the systems at their best, that is
why there are blanks.  Also wasn't sure about the model # of the Ashtech.
Got Help? For A-1-90-WO, we would appreciate any information on -- contract, days at sea, dive count, funding, information specialist, information to be derived, kms of navigation, national plan, NGDC Info, owner, project number, publications, purpose, scanned materials, seismic description, station count, station description, submersible, summary, tabulated info.
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A-1-90-WO location map of where navigation 

equipment operated
A-1-90-WO location map of where navigation 

equipment operated

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