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USGS CMG A-1-94-WF Metadata

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ID A-1-94-WF
Also Known As AII_131-16
Dive 2794
Dive 2793
Dive 2792
Dive 2791
Dive 2790
Dive 2789
Dive 2788
Dive 2787
Dive 2786
Dive 2785
Dive 2784
Dive 2783
Dive 2782
Dive 2781
Dive 2780
Dive 2779
Dive 2778
Dive 2777
Dive 2776
Dive 2775
Abstract United States Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California. Chief Scientists: Bob Embley, John Trefry, Randy Koski, Hank Chezar. Geological data (underwatercamera, underwatertelevision, CTDmeter) of field activity A-1-94-WF in southern and central Juan de Fuca Ridge from 06/16/1994 to 07/09/1994
Organization United States Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California
Project/Theme Hydrothermal Systems Project
National Plan resources
Chief Scientist Bob Embley
John Trefry
Randy Koski
Hank Chezar
Activity Type Geological
Platform Atlantis II-Alvin
Area of Operation southern and central Juan de Fuca Ridge, Juan de Fuca Ridge
Bounding Coordinates
-135.00000    -122.25000
Dates 06/16/1994 (JD 167) to 07/09/1994 (JD 190)
Analog Materials list
Bob Embley Chief Scientist, NOAA, Newport
John Trefry Chief Scientist, Florida Institute Of Technology
Randy Koski Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
Hank Chezar Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
Equipment Used
time-series investigations of hydrothermal vents
and mineral deposits at Cleft and CoAxial segments
Eight successful camera tows, 20 successful submersible
dives (2775-2794).  Approximately 150 hours of video tape, 8000 still
photographs, and 40 sulfide samples. The camera tows revealed 5 new
vent sites south of the Plume site on southern Cleft segment.
A194WF -- (modified from 7/22/94 USGS Bulletin)
Randy Koski and Hank Chezar are back from a successful 24 day cruise to the
southern Juan de Fuca Ridge aboard the ATLANTIS II. Twenty dives with
submersible ALVIN DSV investigated and sampled recent lava flows, diffuse low
temperature hydrothermal venteng, high low temperature hydrothermal venting
(to 342dC), sulfide chimneys and mounds, and vent biology on the Cleft
and CoAxial segments of the ridge. Night operations during the cruise included
CTD casts and tows and camera and survery with the USGS camera system.
Eight camera tows yielded 32 hours of video plus 35-mm pictures of the sea
floor.  At least 7 new vent sites on the southernmost Juan de Fuca Ridge and
in the East Blanco Depression (on the Blanca Fracture Zone) were observed on
the deep tow video tape.  The cruise provided an opportunity to revisit sites
of hydrothermal activity and mineral deposition on southern Juan de Fuca Ridge
that were discovered during USGS-sponsored ALVIN dives in 1984.  This year's
cruise was funded by the NOAA/PMEL (Newport and Seattle), NSF, Florida
Institute of Technology, University of Florida, University of Washington and
the USGS.
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