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USGS CMG 07010 Metadata

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ID 07010
Also Known As D-10-07-AK
Abstract United States Geological Survey, Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Chief Scientists: Bill Winters, Tim Collett, USGS Denver. Wireline sampling, Subsampling, Well logging, Modular Dynamic Testing data (Parr pressure vessels, Subsampling equipment) of field activity 07010 (D-10-07-AK) in Milne Point, Simpson Sound, North Slope, Alaska, United States, Beaufort Sea, North America, Arctic Ocean from 02/05/2007 to 02/18/2007
Organization United States Geological Survey, Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Project/Theme BP Exploration (Alaska) Mount Elbert 01 well
Chief Scientist Bill Winters
Tim Collett
Activity Type Wireline sampling
Well logging
Modular Dynamic Testing
Platform Doyon 14 Drill Rig
Owner British Petroleum Exploration Alaska
Area of Operation Milne Point, Simpson Sound, North Slope, Alaska, United States, Beaufort Sea, North America, Arctic Ocean, Alaska
Bounding Coordinates
-151.00000    -148.00000
Ports LEAVE near Milne Pt., AK
ARRIVE near Milne Pt., AK
Dates 02/05/2007 (JD 036) to 02/18/2007 (JD 049)
Analog Materials No analog holdings.
Information Specialist
Bill Winters
Bill Winters Chief Scientist
Tim Collett USGS-Denver, Chief Scientist
Bill Waite
Dave Mason Logistics
P.J. Bernard Shipping
Warren Agena - USGS-Denver
Tom Lorenson - USGS-Denver
Bob Hunter - ASRC
Larry Vendl - BPX
Micaela Weeks - BPX
Ray Boswell - NETL/DOE
Kelly Rose - NETL/DOE
Eilis Rosenbaum - NETL/DOE
Rajeev Sinha - DGH
Dennis Gamberg - OMNI
Grant Mabry - OMNI
Rick Colwell - OSU
Marta Torres - OSU
Robert Hunter ASRC Energy Services (captain) Project coord
Equipment Used
Parr pressure vessels
Subsampling equipment
Study gas hydrates in a natural reservoir.
Information to be Derived
Physical property measurements
Grain-size analyses
Other USGS/commercial companies/academic institutions are
responsible for producing: Well-log analyses
Pore-water analyses
Gas geochemistry analyses
Actual travel dates: 28 Jan. 2007 to 16 Feb. 2007 for WHSC
personnel.  Field work was preceded by safety training in Anchorage.
Assortment of activities related to acquisition of natural sediment
samples with and without gas hydrate in the pore space. Well logs.
Sediment and pore-content analyses in the field and home-based
laboratories including: physical properties, gas and pore-water
14 days at sea.
Data types: Paper records
digital photographic and data files
Navigation technique: Map projection: ASP4
Occupied 1 station.
Station Description:
Ship Track Plot:
Summary of activities is provided in the U.S. Dept. of Energy
National Energy Technology Laboratory newsletter.
Project Number
Dept. of Energy
Got Help? For 07010, we would appreciate any information on -- analog materials, contract, days at sea, dive count, kms of navigation, national plan, NGDC Info, publications, scanned materials, seismic description, station count, station description, submersible, tabulated info.
Type Webpage KMZ Arc         Metadata         WHSC
Geochemical       data
Metadata data     txt  data  FAQ  xml data
Navigation data nav      
Times   050.times      

07010 location map of where navigation 

equipment operated

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