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USGS CMG F-1-04-TB Metadata

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ID F-1-04-TB
Abstract United States Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California. Chief Scientists: John Chin, USGS Menlo Park, Roberto Anima, USGS Menlo Park. Geophysical data (234khz, YoNav) of field activity F-1-04-TB in Tomales Bay, CA from 11/14/2004 to 11/19/2004
Organization United States Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California
Project/Theme Tomales Bay, Habitat Mapping
Chief Scientist John Chin
Roberto Anima
Activity Type Geophysical
Platform Frontier
Area of Operation Tomales Bay, CA
Bounding Coordinates
-122.93189    -122.86112
Dates 11/14/2004 (JD 319) to 11/19/2004 (JD 324)
Analog Materials list
Information Specialist
Andy Stevenson
John Chin USGS, Co Chief Scientist
Roberto Anima USGS, Co Chief Scientist
Andy Stevenson USGS, Information Specialist
Eleyne Phillips FACS Coordinator
Mike Boyle USGS, Electronic Technician
Larry Kooker USGS, Electronic Technician
Gerry O'Brien USGS, Small boat handler
Equipment Used
Bathymetric, bay floor imaging.

Conduct sonar surveys in Tomales Bay to establish bay and seafloor morphology.

Establish a baseline of bay floor morphology which is essential in determining any future changes on the bay bathymetry in response to the watersheds that flow into the bay.

Information to be Derived
Swath bathymetry, bay floor backscatter image.

Information from this study will be used to produce a habitat map.
Interferometric swath bathymetry
files exist on /imgarc2/F-1-04-TB/
brand SEA Model SWATHplus-M, media digital, code SUBX, 234 khz.
Yonav GPS nav, media digital, comment WAAS DGPS correction.

The Tomales Bay Watershed Council has voiced a need to begin looking at the environmental impacts of human input to the watersheds and feels it important to establish an ecological database that can be used to make comparisons in the future. Surveying would create a framework and this database.

Tomales Bay marks the trace of the San Andreas Fault and is the culmination point of tributaries from the Inverness Ridge to the west and the watershed to the east. Geologic and anthropogenic changes are occuring in the Bays and the impact on habitats is unknown. In response to a request from the National Park Service, and the Tomales Bay Watershed Council [] to determine the overall morphology of the floor of Tomales Bay, the Coastal and Marine Geology Team proposes to map the bathymetry and produce a detailed geologic and habitat map of Tomales and Bodega Bays. This task is necessary to establish a baseline of the bay floor morphology to compare future geologic and anthropogenic changes that might occur due to changes in land use or development in the surrounding watershed. This task will also be of importance in determining the possible pathways of pollutants entering the bays from the surrounding watersheds.

Anima, R.J., Chin, J.L., Finlayson, D.P., McGann, M.L., and Wong,
F.L., 2008, Interferometric sidescan bathymetry, sediment and foraminiferal 
analyses: a new look at Tomales Bay, California, 2008, United States Geological 
Surv ey Open File Report 2008-1237, Available on line at:
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F-1-04-TB location map of where navigation 

equipment operated
F-1-04-TB location map of where navigation 

equipment operated

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