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USGS CMG 06021 Metadata

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ID 06021
Also Known As F-1-06-BZ
Abstract United States Geological Survey, Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Chief Scientist: John Crusius. Data (YSI multiparameter sonde, peristaltic pump, RAD7 radon detection, piezometers) of field activity 06021 (F-1-06-BZ) in West Falmouth Harbor, Snug Harbor,Falmouth, Massachusetts, Buzzards Bay, UnitedStates, North America, North Atlantic from 07/20/2006 to 08/03/2006
Organization United States Geological Survey, Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Chief Scientist John Crusius
Area of Operation West Falmouth Harbor, Snug Harbor,, Buzzards Bay, MA Massachusetts, Buzzards Bay, United, Buzzards Bay, MA orth America, North Atlantic, Buzzards Bay, MA
Bounding Coordinates
-70.65000     -70.63000
Ports LEAVE West Falmouth Harbor, Falmouth, MA
ARRIVE West Falmouth Harbor, Falmouth, MA
Dates 07/20/2006 (JD 201) to 08/03/2006 (JD 215)
Analog Materials No analog holdings.
Information Specialist
Laura Erban
John Crusius Chief Scientist
Dirk Koopmans
Laura Erban
Max Nepstad
Diomaris Padilla
Equipment Used
YSI multiparameter sonde
peristaltic pump
RAD7 radon detection
To collect shoreline groundwater samples
from pre-dug cluster wells and piezometers for
radioisotope analyses including radon and radium
to support surface water analyses to be
conducted during summer 2006 (field activity
Information to be Derived
radioisotopic tracers
Shoreline drive-point piezometer and
well samples of ground water were taken at
different times throughout the season.  On all
occasions, measurements of salinity,
temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH were made in
situ using a YSI sonde.  Radon samples were
collected in 250mL glass bottles and later
analyzed in the laboratory.  Radium samples,
taken where appropriate, were filtered and
weighed in situ, and brought back to the
laboratory in cubitainers for later analysis.
Nutrient samples were collected and analyzed in
the laboratory of Dr. Anne Giblin of the Marine
Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole (some results
pending).  Metals samples will be analyzed by
ICP-MS.  The field work was conducted as
follows.  On July 20, 9 sets of the
aforementioned samples (radium excluded), were
collected from below the subsurface of Snug
Harbor using drive-point piezometers, to a
maximum depth of 2m (41.60715N, -70.63667W).
On July 25 and 26, this location was revisited
and 6 sample sets were collected at deeper
depths (maximum of 10m) in addition to 4 sample
sets taken from permanent shoreline monitoring
wells that were dug by researchers at the MBL
Ecosystems Center (41.60687N, -70.63657W).
Between July 26 and 27, a series of 10
piezometer samples were taken at the high tide
mark around the perimeter of Snug Harbor, all
from a depth of .5m and spaced ~100m apart, and
these included some radium samples.  On August
1, 5 sets of piezometer samples were collected
from below the subsurface of Snug Harbor, in a
site south of the previously visited one, to a
maximum depth of 4m (41.60667N, -70.63938W).
And on August 3, 5 more sample sets were
collected from below the subsurface of a site in
West Falmouth Harbor opposite the Chappaquoit
Beach parking lot (41.59882N, -70.64622W).
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5 days at sea.
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