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USGS CMG F-2-99-NC Metadata

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ID F-2-99-NC
Abstract Chief Scientist: Jon Childs. Bathymetric and Geophysical and Sampling data (GPS, YoNav, 2channelairgun, bathymetry, temperature, CTDmeter, Geopulse, seismic, seismic, gravitycore) of field activity F-2-99-NC in Medicine Lake, Siskiyou County, Northern California from 09/15/1999 to 09/20/1999
Chief Scientist Jon Childs
Activity Type Bathymetric and Geophysical and Sampling
Platform Fast Eddy
Area of Operation Medicine Lake, Siskiyou County, Northern California, Northern California
Bounding Coordinates
-121.61095    -121.58723
Ports leave Redwood City, CA
arrive Redwood City, CA
Dates 09/15/1999 (JD 258) to 09/20/1999 (JD 263)
Analog Materials list
Jon Childs Geophysicist, USGS Western Region
Pat Hart Geophysicist, USGS Western Region
Larry Kooker Electronic Technician, USGS Western Region
Gerry O'Brien Boat Driver, USGS Western Region
Larry Phillips Geologist (sampling), USGS Western Region
Jake Lowenstern Geologist (sampling), (VHZ), USGS Western Region
John Barron Geologist Climate Change Program (VHZ), USGS Western Region
Scott Starratt Geologist Climate Change Program (VHZ), USGS Western Region
Jim Rytuba Geochemist Western Geologic Mapping, USGS Western Region
Equipment Used
The purpose of this work was to assess whether sediments in the lake might 
provide a high-resolution record of the climate, volcanic and geochemical 
(particularly mercury) history of the region.
Information to be Derived
Bathymetric map, high-resolution seismic reflection profiles, temperature 
profile, a perspective-view of the lake bathymetry. Map of sampling/coring 
locations, mercury analyses of lakewater and sediment samples from the lake 
A bathymetric and geophysical survey was conducted
over Medicine Lake in Siskiyou County, North Central California.
A concurrent shallow-water sampling program was also conducted.

JD 257 Tuesday, September 15
  travel from Redwood City to Medicine Lake
JD 258 Wednesday, September 16
  Morning spent deploying Fast Eddie with Bimini top, cowling, and
  installing electronics. Boat launched about 1245 local (1945 GMT).
  Weather conditions excellent: v. light clouds, ~ 70-75_ F, sunny,
  light wind.
  SEACAT CDT instrument started logging approx. 1245 local; in the
  water 1300 GMT).
  First line consisted of a circumnavigation of the lake at 3.5 to
  4 knot. Ran into shallow water twice. NW end of the lake very broad
  and shallow. Returned to the dock at 1400. Deployed geopulse and back
  in the water at 2215Z. Finished surveying at 259/0000 (1700 PST).
  258/1945 start logging CDT.
  258/2000 leave dock, commence circumnavigation of lake; CDT in water
  258/2101 complete circumnavigation, arrive dock; CDT out of water
  258/2241 leave dock, testing reflection system; CDT back in water
  JD 259/0000 arrive dock; CDT out; end of day
  Problems with geopulse power supply limited reflection profiling.
  Changed out the power supply at the end of the day for the EG&G unit.
JD 259 Thursday, September 17
  Weather conditions remain excellent: v. light clouds, ~ 70-75_ F,
  sunny, wind slightly greater than Wednesday and gusting 5-10 mph.
  Acquiring reflection data with geopulse and benthos streamer (one
  channel). A grid of east-west lines was generated for the survey
  area at a N-S spacing of ~50 meters. The "a" lines were north of
  the lake centerline; the "b" lines south. Steering the lines
  accurately proved problematic because of wind conditions and the
  filter response of the YONAV line-following algorithm.
  259/172800 start logging CDT
  259/173000 leave dock, commence deploying geopulse and benthos
  259/173700 CDT in water
  259/174600 commence acquisition of EW lines
  259/182430 stop acquisition of EW lines
  259/183000 CDT out of water
  259/183300 CDT in water
  259/183700 continue acquisition of EW lines
  259/195400 stop acquisition of EW lines
  259/195500 CDT out of water
  259/200000 arrive dock, break for lunch
  259/212500 leave dock, CDT in water
  259/214900 continue acquisition of EW lines
  260/000400 complete acquisition of EW lines
  260/000500 CDT out of water
JD 260 Friday, September 18
  Weather conditions remain excellent: v. light clouds, ~ 70-75_ F,
  sunny, wind calm.
  Acquiring reflection data with geopulse source, benthos streamer and
  Seistec receiver (two-channels). Survey lines run approximately
  NNE-SSW along arbitrary lines chosen by line of sight. Lines at
  eastern end of lake spaced closer (approx. 25-50 meters), at
  western end of lake wider (approx. 50-100 meters). CDT data not
  260/173000 depart dock, deploying and tuning seistec at east end of lake
  260/181200 commence acquisition of NS lines
  260/211400 complete acquisition of NS line
  260/212000 arrive dock
JD 261 Saturday, September 19
  Weather conditions remain excellent: v. light clouds, ~ 70-75_ F,
  sunny, wind calm.
  Sampling and temperature profiles acquired. Two sampling sites
  selected based on geophysical profiles:
  latitude longitude water depth profile day/time
  1. 41d 34.9911' -121d 35.4420' 37 m 259/1846
  2. 41d.34.8866' -121d 35.5590' 10 m 259/1916
  261/1715:21 41d 34.866' N 121d 35.582' W ---> dropping core 1 here
  261/1729:03 41d 34.880' N 121d 35.556' W ---> dropping again here
  261/1738:46 41d 34.986' N 121d 35.438' W ---> core site 2 drop here ~38m
  261/1801:34 41d 34.999' N 121d 35.419' W ---> drop long barrel core
                                                at 42.1 meter depth
  261/1824:55 41d 34.996' N 121d 35.465' W ---> site 2 core 10 first try
  261/1842:58 41d 34.991' N 121d 35.467' W ---> site 2 core 10 try 2
  261/1853:06 41d 34.971' N 121d 35.503' W ---> CDT drop here
  261/1857:42 41d 34.967' N 121d 35.526' W ---> start to pull up CDT here
  261/1858:46 41d 34.962' N 121d 35.526' W ---> CDT at surface
  261/1903:09 41d 34.995' N 121d 35.494' W ---> CDT drop 2 here
  261/1903:46 41d 34.994' N 121d 35.492' W ---> CDT on bottom-was not
                                                on bottom long enough
  261/1904:44 41d 34.992' N 121d 35.503' W ---> CDT at surface
  261/1904:54 41d 34.991' N 121d 35.505' W ---> CDT drop 3
  261/1905:49 41d 34.987' N 121d 35.512' W ---> CDT coming up
  261/1906:27 41d 34.985' N 121d 35.513' W ---> CDT at surface
  261/1915:53 41d 34.969' N 121d 35.449' W ---> drop core10 try 3
JD 262 Sunday, September 20
  Demobilization and travel from Medicine Lake to Redwood City
Childs, Jonathan R.; Lowenstern, J. B.; Phillips, R. L.; Hart, P. E.,
Rytuba, J. J.; Barron, J. A.; Starratt, S. W.; Spaulding, Sarah, 2000,
Bathymetric, geophysical and geologic sample data from Medicine Lake,
Siskiyou County, northern California:
U.S. Geolgocial Survey Open-File Report 2000-43,

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F-2-99-NC location map of where navigation 

equipment operated
F-2-99-NC location map of where navigation 

equipment operated

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