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USGS CMG F-5-89-PW Metadata

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ID F-5-89-PW
Abstract Chief Scientists: Paul Carlson, Erk Reimnitz. Geological and Geophysical data (integratednavigation, GPS, RhoRho, 3dot5khz, boxcore, gravitycore, Niskenbottle) of field activity F-5-89-PW in Prince William Sound, Alaska from 05/11/1989 to 05/15/1989
Chief Scientist Paul Carlson
Erk Reimnitz
Activity Type Geological and Geophysical
Platform Farnella
Area of Operation Prince William Sound, Alaska, Prince William Sound, AK
Bounding Coordinates
-151.29077    -146.94769
Ports leave Seward, AK
arrive Kodiak, AK
Dates 05/11/1989 (JD 131) to 05/15/1989 (JD 135)
Analog Materials list
Paul Carlson Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
Erk Reimnitz Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
Dennis Mann Chief Watchstander, USGS Western Region
Larry Kooker Electronic Tech, USGS Western Region
Kaye Kinoshita Navigator, USGS Western Region
Mike Hamer Geologist, USGS Western Region
Rick Morgan Watchstander, USGS Western Region
John Cannon Captain, J. Marr
Mike Baldwin Chief Engineer, J. Marr
Lee Hussey 1st Engineer, J. Marr
Arthur Green 2nd Engineer, J. Marr
Bill Wilson 1st Mate, J. Marr
Albert Fuller 2nd Mate, J. Marr
Alan Thompson Bosum, J. Marr
Peter Appleyard Ab, J. Marr
Colin Bettison Ab, J. Marr
Kenny Coleman Ab, J. Marr
Robin Searle Electrician, J. Marr
Gordon McFadden Cook, J. Marr
Tom Caughie 2nd Cook, J. Marr
Tony Zielinski Steward, J. Marr
Equipment Used
Sampling in Prince William Sound
Carlson, P.R., and Reimnitz, E., eds., 1990, Bottom sediment along the oil
spill trajectory in Prince William Sound and along the Kenai Peninsula,
Alaska, U.S Geological Survey Open File Report 90-39, A-F, 6 Chapters, 100
p. (Includes the following):  Chapter A.  Carlson, P.R., and Reimnitz E.,
Characterization of sample sites along the oil spill trajectory in Prince
William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska, 23 p.Chapter F.  Reimnitz, E. and
Carlson, P.R., Conclusions and recommendations  regarding Prince William
Sound spill, 3 p.