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USGS CMG 82005 Metadata

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ID 82005
Also Known As FRNL82FRN7
Abstract United States Geological Survey, Corpus Christi, Texas. Chief Scientists: Louis Garrison, Neil Kenyon. Data (sidescansonar, airgun, 10khz, loranc, transitsatellite, xbt) of field activity 82005 (F-7-82-GM) in Gulf Mexico from 02/02/1982 to 02/24/1982
Organization United States Geological Survey, Corpus Christi, Texas
Project/Theme North Atlantic Environmental Assessment
Geological Long-Range Inclined Asdic (GLORIA)
Chief Scientist Louis Garrison
Neil Kenyon
Platform Farnella
Area of Operation Gulf Mexico, Gulf of Mexico
Bounding Coordinates
-95.81080     -84.10050
Ports leave New Orleans, LA
arrive Key West, FL
Dates 02/02/1982 (JD 033) to 02/24/1982 (JD 055)
Analog Materials No analog holdings.
Lou Garrison Chief Scientist, USGS Corpus Christi
Mahlon Ball Nav Watch, USGS Miami
Dann Blackwood Photographer, USGS Woods Hole
Sarah Eisner Nav Watch, USGS Woods Hole
Ed Escowitz Nav Watch XBT, USGS Eastern Region
Kathy Scanlon Nav Watch Bathy, USGS Woods Hole
Dick Sylwester Electronics Tech Data Mgr, USGS Woods Hole
Dave Twichell GLORIA Watch, USGS Woods Hole
John West Electronic Tech, USGS Woods Hole
Steve Wolf Nav Watch, USGS Western Region
Neil Kenyon Chief Scientist, IOS (Institute of Oceanographic Sciences) Chief Scientist
Robin Bonner Airgun, IOS
John Campbell GLORIA Engineer, IOS
Gareth Knight Computer Op, IOS
Adrian Lewis Computer Op, IOS
Mike Somers Chief GLORIA Engineer, IOS
Equipment Used
Survey the Continental Slope in the northern Gulf of Mexico with the
GLORIA long-range sidescan sonar, a cooperative study with the
Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, Godalming, England.
	4,126 nautical miles of tracklines were run with the systems listed
    Data consist of:
	1)  GLORIA:
		a)  12 reels of 9-track digital magnetic tapes
		b)  12 reels of analog magnetic tapes
		c)  464 photo negatives, speed rectified side scan data
		d)  shipboard monitor records, photo prints
	2)  Airgun:
		a)  59 reels of analog magnetic tape
		b)  shipboard monitor records
	3)  10-kHz Echo Sounder
		a)  2 sec. sweep shipboard records
		b)  0.5 sec. sweep shipboard records
	4)  Navigation
		a)  50 Northstar cassette recordings from bridge
		b)  19 magnetic tapes from seismic lab
		c)  8 rolls printout from bridge
		d)  4 rolls printout from seismic lab
		e)  1 reel digital 9-track tape of Loran C plus satellite
                    fixes with water depths
	5)  XBT:
		69 XBT recordings
	The cruise collected 3,731 nautical miles of data on the Continental
Slope in 17 days for the USGS, and in 2 additional days, collected 395
nautical miles for an IPOD site survey on the Mississippi Fan.  The IPOD data
will be deposited in the IPOD data bank when processing is completed.
Paskevich, Valerie F.; Wong, Florence L.; O'Malley, John J.; Stevenson,
Andrew J.; Gutmacher, Christina E., 2010, GLORIA sidescan-sonar imagery
for parts of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone and adjacent areas: U.S.
Geological Survey Open-File Report 2010-1332,
Twichell, David C., and Paskevich, Valerie, 1996, GLORIA sidescan sonar
field data and navigation data collected in the Gulf of Mexico during
R/V Farnella cruises in 1982 and 1985: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File
Report 96-707,
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82005 location map of where navigation 

equipment operated
82005 location map of where navigation 

equipment operated

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