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Seismic Profiles

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The pages linked below contain thumbnail images of each line and links to full-size printable and interactive seismic reflection profiles. The printable profiles are GIF images that were filtered and gained using Seismic Unix software. These images are stored in the PRINTABLE folder by equipment type. Refer to the Software page for details about the processing and examples of the processing scripts.

The processed SEG-Y data were then exported to CTI SonarWeb software to produce interactive versions of the profiles that allow the user to obtain a geographic location and depth from the profile for a cursor position. This information is displayed in the status bar of the browser. The interactive profiles have been corrected for the offset between the shotpoint and GPS antenna (see figs. 1 and 2). They are stored in the INTERACTIVE folder by equipment type.

Warning! The only supported web browsers that properly display all features of the interactive profiles are Internet Explorer 6 for Windows and Firefox 1.5 for all platforms. Caution– use of other browsers may result in spurious or no information given in the status window. Firefox may be downloaded at http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox.

Browser setup for viewing interactive profiles:
For all browsers, the status bar and JavaScript must be enabled. Firefox also requires "Change status bar text" to be checked under Advanced JavaScript Options.

Table 2A lists boomer trackline statistics, and table 2A lists chirp trackline statistics.

Boomer Profiles
Chirp Profiles

SEG-Y Format
How to Download SEG-Y Data
FGDC Metadata

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