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ID J-1-98-SF
Abstract Chief Scientists: John Chin, Paul Carlson. Sampling and Seismic data (Geopulse, Kleinsidescan, VanVeengrab, sparker) of field activity J-1-98-SF in Central San Francisco Bay, CA from 01/07/1998 to 01/23/1998
Chief Scientist John Chin
Paul Carlson
Activity Type Sampling and Seismic
Platform David Johnston
Area of Operation Central San Francisco Bay, CA, San Francisco Bay, CA
Bounding Coordinates
-122.49059    -122.19251
Dates 01/07/1998 (JD 007) to 01/23/1998 (JD 023)
Analog Materials list
Scanned Materials log (pdf)
Information Specialist
John Chin
John Chin Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
Paul Carlson Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
Mike Boyle Electronics Tech, USGS Western Region
Larry Kooker Electronics Tech, USGS Western Region
Equipment Used
To determine sediment thickness and verify
areas surveyed with multibeam swath bathymetry.  Document surface
sediment texture.
February 9, 1998
John Chin and Paul Carlson recently completed a cruise (J-1-98-SF)
in central San Francisco Bay during the January 8-23 period,
using the RV David Johnston.
The focus of the fieldwork was to document the nature and thickness of
Quaternary sediment.

We used the minisparker and ORE GeoPulse systems to obtain shallow subbottom profiles. A limited amount of Klein sidescan sonar data was also collected.

We will be mapping the new subsurface and surficial data and using it in conjunction with the multibeam data collected in 1997 to investigate the surficial and shallow subsurface deposits of central San Francisco Bay.

A secondary objective was to gather surface grab samples to obtain information on the texture and distribution of surface sediments.

We collected 56 samples with a small Van Veen sampler. This information will also be utilized by the San Francisco Bay project for mapping of surficial sediment distribution and sediment transport studies (Geist, Xu, and Rubin).

Chin and Carlson were ably assisted by Florence Wong, Ellen Tobey, and Justin Friesner. Mike Boyle and Larry Kooker did a great job of keeping electronic and navigation gear running. -- John Chin

Watt, Steve, 2003, Grain size analysis of U.S. Geological Survey sediment grab
samples (SFB-98-1 to SFB-98-56) for the purpose of benthic habitat
identification in San Francisco Bay, California

____, [2004?], Chapter 5a -
NOAA San Francisco Bay subtidal habitat goals: NOAA San Francisco Bay
Watershed Database and Mapping Project 
Chin, J.L., Woodrow, D.L., McGann, Mary, Wong, F.L., Fregoso, Theresa, and Jaffe, B.E., 2010, Estuarine sedimentation, sediment character, and foraminiferal distribution in central San Francisco Bay, California: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2010-1130, 58 p., data tables, and GIS data
Greene, H.G., and Bizzarro, J.J., 2003, Benthic habitat maps of San Francisco Bay interpreted from multibeam bathymetric images and side-scan sonar mosaics: Moss Landing, California, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, 47 p.
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J-1-98-SF location map of where navigation 

equipment operated
J-1-98-SF location map of where navigation 

equipment operated

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