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USGS CMG J-2-98-SF Metadata

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ID J-2-98-SF
Abstract Chief Scientist: Jon Childs. High-Resolution Seismic data (YoNav, 48channel, 200khz, Geopulse, uniboom, Seistecprofiler, minisparker) of field activity J-2-98-SF in San Francisco Bay, CA from 04/05/1998 to 04/10/1998
Project/Theme High-resolution Source Calibration
National Plan Information
Chief Scientist Jon Childs
Activity Type High-Resolution Seismic
Platform David Johnston
Area of Operation San Francisco Bay, CA
Bounding Coordinates
-122.37599    -122.33084
Ports leave Redwood City, CA
arrive Redwood City, CA
Dates 04/05/1998 (JD 095) to 04/10/1998 (JD 100)
Analog Materials list
Jon Childs Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
Alan Cooper Unspecified, USGS Western Region
Pat Hart Unspecified, USGS Western Region
Larry Kooker Unspecified, USGS Western Region
Tom McGee Unspecified, MMS
Vaughn Goebel Unspecified, Lookout Geophysical
Craig Lippus Unspecified, Geometrics
Gordon Smith Captain
Equipment Used
Develop calibration methods for high-frequency
acoustic sources. Collect calibrated profiles over Oakland Bay Bridge
East span boreholes. Collect 36-channel multi-offset data w/ high-
frequency sources. Measure near-field source strength and
attenuation as a function of  range and azimuth. Field test data
acquisition systems to be used on upcoming Gulf of Mexico
J-2-98-SF   System Calibration and Test Cruise
6-10 April, 1998
Monday, 4/6
        Meet to discuss objectives for the week;
        finish mobilization at Yerba Buena Island;
        establish data acquisition signal strategy, including Lookout system;
        acquire Geopulse profiles with 3-element and short ITI streamers;
        calibrate (Corps of Engineers method) Geopulse system.

Tuesday, 4/7
        Acquire Seistec and minisparker profiles;
        calibrate Seistec and minisparker systems;
        test multichannel acquisition with Geopulse.

Wednesday, 4/8
        Exchange Uniboom and Geopulse sleds;
        acquire Uniboom profile with 3-element and short ITI streamers;
        calibrate Uniboom system;
        acquire multi-offset data with Uniboom source;
        test remote acquisition of Uniboom data with radio trigger.

Thursday, 4/9
        Measure radiation and attenuation of Uniboom and minisparker systems;
        return to Redwood City.

Friday, 4/10
        Test watergun from Redwood City pier;
        measure radiation and attenuation of watergun via remote acquisition;

Equipment notes: yonav dgps w/ shot control
         2channel: mudseis 2-channel, 16-bit, 51.2 khz
         48channel: geometrics 48-channel strataview w/ marine controller
         4channel: lookout 4-channel,16-bit, 200 khz
         geopulse: geopulse source (single-plate), geopulse amplifier/filter
         uniboom: uniboom source (single plate)
         seistec: ikb seistec source
         minisparker: minisparker source, 1 kj power supply
                  receiver: 3-element streamer; 15-element streamer; 12-element iti 
                  48-meter, 36-channel iti streamer; model f42b calibrated hydrophone w/ 30 m
                  cable signal conditioning kron-hite bandpass filter; tektronix 
         bandpass filter; _____ amplifier test equipment storage oscilloscope;
         precision voltmeters (2); hp spectrum analyzer
Got Help? For J-2-98-SF, we would appreciate any information on -- contract, days at sea, dive count, funding, information specialist, information to be derived, kms of navigation, NGDC Info, organization, owner, project number, publications, scanned materials, seismic description, station count, station description, submersible, summary, tabulated info.
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J-2-98-SF location map of where navigation 

equipment operated
J-2-98-SF location map of where navigation 

equipment operated

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