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USGS CMG 96027 Metadata

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ID 96027
Also Known As 96027
Abstract United States Geological Survey, Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Chief Scientist: Mike Torresan. Mooring Deployment data (GPS, currentmeter, temperature, sedimenttrap) of field activity 96027 (K-1-96-HW) in Mamala Bay, O'ahu, Hawaii from 06/20/1996 to 06/20/1996
Organization United States Geological Survey, Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Project/Theme Mamala Bay Dredge Disposal
National Plan environment
Chief Scientist Mike Torresan
Activity Type Mooring Deployment
Platform Kila
Area of Operation Mamala Bay, O'ahu, Hawaii, Hawaii
Bounding Coordinates
-158.37616    -157.37616
Ports leave Sand Island Port of Honolulu, HI
arrive Sand Island Port of Honolulu, HI
Dates 06/20/1996 (JD 172) to 06/20/1996 (JD 172)
Analog Materials No analog holdings.
Information Specialist
Florence Wong
Marinna Martini
Mike Torresan Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
George Tate Geologist, USGS Western Region
Monty Hampton Geologist, USGS Western Region
Bill Strahle Unspecified Investigator, USGS Woods Hole
Marinna Martini Information Specialist, USGS Woods Hole
Dave Cacchione Oceanographer, USGS Western Region
Mike Field Geologist, USGS Western Region
Equipment Used
Measure oceanographic currents and
water temperature at this site in Mamala Bay by deploying a
108 m-long mooring outfitted with 4 VACM current meters,
3 temperature probes, and a sediment trap.  The data will augment
a data set recently collected and published by the Mamala Bay Study
Commission. The study will provide a more complete understanding
of seasonal variations in oceanographic processes affecting Mamala
Bay.  The aim is to determine how the dredged material-- and any
associate pollutants-- might be moved or reworked by oceanographic
processes and redistributed after disposal.  This is part of a larger
study that is in its fourth year.  The study is designed to assess the
impacts to the seafloor and to benthic invertebrate infauna from the
disposal of harbor dredged material from primarily Pearl and Honolulu
Harbors.  Our ultimate goal is to understand the Mamala Bay system
as an urban ocean setting, and to provide Coastal and Urban ocean
managers and policy makers with the information required to make
informed decisions regarding the use of the oceans.
Information to be Derived
Seasonal changes in sediment rate, current speed, temperature, salinity, and 
transmissivity at different positions above the seafloor.
The USGS deployed a 108 m-long mooring on the seafloor at 21.24963
degrees N / 157.87612 degrees W. The site is located immediately east of the old
Honolulu Harbor disposal site, inactive since 1980.  The mooring is situated in
about 460 m of water, is 108 m long and outfitted with 4 VACM current meters
(recording speed, direction, temperature, salinity, and transmission), 3
temperature probes located directly below the VACMs, and an Anderson Sediment
trap situated near the middle of the mooring.  The sediment trap is outfitted
with an intervalometer so we can assess sedimentation rates.      Current meters
are located at about 6 m, 30 m, 40 m, and  100 m above the sea bed. Temperature
probes are located very close to the current meters.
Cruise Report exists at Woods Hole
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