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USGS CMG L-2-76-SC Metadata

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ID L-2-76-SC
Also Known As LEE276SC
Abstract Chief Scientist: Gary Greene. Geophysical data (minisparker, uniboom, airgun, sidescansonar, 3dot5khz, underwatercamera, chaindredge, dartcore, boxcore, VanVeengrab, freefallgrab, gravitycore, pipedredge, LORAC, underwatertelevision, gradiometer, transitsatellite) of field activity L-2-76-SC in San Diego, Southern California from 02/25/1976 to 03/19/1976
Chief Scientist Gary Greene
Activity Type Geophysical
Platform Samuel Phillips Lee
Area of Operation San Diego, Southern California, Southern California
Bounding Coordinates
-120.74159    -117.17500
Ports leave Port Hueneme, CA
arrive off Sni-Recalib-An
leave Sni
arrive Port Hueneme, CA
leave Port Hueneme, CA
arrive off Sni-Recalib-An
leave Sni
arrive San Diego, CA
leave San Diego, CA
arrive Port Hueneme, CA
leave Port Hueneme, CA
arrive off Port Hueneme, CA winch
leave weigh anchor Port Hueneme, CA
arrive off Sni-Recalib-An
leave Sni
arrive Port Hueneme, CA
Dates 02/25/1976 (JD 056) to 03/19/1976 (JD 079)
Analog Materials list
Scanned Materials l-2-76-sc.ofr log (pdf)
Information Specialist
Terry Hallinan
R. Andresen Calif. Coast Zone Conserv. Comm.
Kim Bailey Watchstander
Chris Barton Geologist
Sam Clarke Geologist
Mike Crawford Geologist
Jim Crouch Geologist
Brent Dalrymple Geologist
John Dillon Geologist
Doug Dolan Watchstander
Mike Field Geologist
Jim Gardner Geologist
Rich Garlow Watchstander
Helen Gibbons Watchstander
Gary Greene Chief Scientist
Theresa Hallinan Dafe Curator
W. F. Harris Watchstander
Keith Kvenvolden Geochemist
John Lane Geologist
George Maupin Navigator
Pat McCrory Watchstander
Graig McHendrie Navigator
Frank Medeiros Ship Captain
Nina Morgan Watchstander
Jim Nicholson Electronics Technician
Paula Quinterno Geologist
John Rapp Geochemist
Bonnie Rose Watchstander
John Simpson Chief Engineer
Norm Smyers Geologist
Phyllis Swenson Watchstander
Jim Taylor Geologist
Curtis Thompson Chief Mate
Margo Toth Watchstander
Jack Vedder Geologist (not On Board)
Paul Carlson Geologist (not On Board)
Kim Klitgord Geologist (not On Board)
Dave Howell Geologist (not On Board)
Equipment Used
Geophysical work and bottom sampling in the southern California
borderland.  First leg will be principally seismic profiling and the second
will be mostly bottom sampling.
Arnal, R.E., and Vedder, J.G., 1976, Late Miocene paleobathymetry of California
continental borderland north of 32 degrees: American Association of Petroleum
Geologists Bulletin, v. 60, no. 12, American Association of Petroleum 
Society For Sedimentary Geology-SEG Pacific sections meeting, p. 2174. 

Vedder, J.G., and Howell, D.G., 1979, Geologic framework of the southern California borderland: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1150, p. 146-147.

Vedder, J.G., Crouch, J.K., Scott, E.W., Greene, H.G., Cranmer, D., Ibrahim, M., Tudor, R.B., and Vinning, G., 1980, A summary report of the regional geology, petroleum potential, environmental geology, and operational considerations in the area of proposed lease sale no. 68, offshore southern California: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 80-198, 64 p.

Vedder, J.G., Arnal, R.E., Bukry, David, and Barron, J.A., 1976, Preliminary descriptions of pre-Quaternary samples, R/V Lee, March 1976, offshore Southern California: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 76-0629, 16 p. URL:
Vedder, J.G., 1990, Maps of California continental borderland showing compositions and ages of bottom samples acquired between 1968 and 1979: U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Field Studies Map MF-2122, 3 sheets.
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L-2-76-SC location map of where navigation 

equipment operated

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