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USGS CMG P-1-92-AR Metadata

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ID P-1-92-AR
Abstract Chief Scientist: Art Grantz. Geological and Geophysical data (gravity, 3dot5khz, magnetics, sonobuoy, pistoncore, boxcore, CTDmeter, dartcore, gravitycore, Niskenbottle) of field activity P-1-92-AR in Chukchi Continental Borderland from 08/21/1992 to 09/24/1992
Chief Scientist Art Grantz
Activity Type Geological and Geophysical
Platform Polar Star
Area of Operation Chukchi Continental Borderland, Arctic Ocean
Bounding Coordinates
-164.84467    -153.90829
Dates 08/21/1992 (JD 234) to 09/24/1992 (JD 268)
Analog Materials list
Art Grantz Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
Peter Barnes Geologist, USGS Western Region
Jens Bischof Geologist, U of Wis
Kevin Foley Geologist, USGS Western Region, Reston
Alan Gagnon Mechanical Technician, WHOI
Ledabeth Pickthorn Navigator, USGS Western Region, listed as Gray
Nick Hardigg Photographer, Earthvisn
Pat Hart Geophysicist, USGS Western Region
Dave Hogg Electronics Technician, USGS Western Region
Martin Jeffries Geophysicist, U of AK
Shusun Li Geologist, U of Ak
Steven May Geophysicist, USGS Western Region
Michael McCormick Geologist, USGS Western Region
Mark McLaughlin Geologist, USGS Western Region
Mike Mullen Geologist
Niels Norgaard-Pedersen Geologist
Walt Olson Mechanical Technician, USGS Western Region
Kevin O'Toole Mechanical Technician, USGS Western Region
Larry Phillips Geologist, USGS Western Region
Erk Reimnitz Geologist, USGS Western Region
Ransom Rideout Mechanical Technician, USGS Western Region
Bill Robinson Electrical Engineer, USGS Western Region
Kenneth Schwartz Geophysicist, U of AK
Ron Perkin Oceanographer, IOS, BC
Paul Hagstrum Ship Captain, USCG
Eric Funk Chief Mate, USCG
David Visniski Chief Engineer, USCG
Equipment Used
Grantz, Arthur, Barnes, P.W., Gray, Leda Beth, Hart, P.E., Hogg, D.J., May, 
McCormick, M., McLaughlin, M.W., Mullen, M.W., Phillips, R.L., Olson, W.P., Jr.,
O'Toole, J.K., Reimnitz, Erk, Rideout, R.W., Jr., Robinson, W.C., Foley, K.M.,
Bischof, Jens, Gagnon, A.R., Jeffries, M.O., Li, Shusun, Schwartz, K.,
Norgaard-Pedersen, Neils, and Perkin, Ron, 1993, Cruise to the Chukchi 
Arctic Ocean: American Geophysical Union Eos, Transactions, v. 74, no. 22, p. 249,
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Bathymetry data bath    
Gravity data 053.grav
Magnetics data mag    
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Sensors data sensors    
Navigation data nav    
Samples data samp    
Seismic data seis    
Times   053.times    

P-1-92-AR location map of where navigation 

equipment operated
P-1-92-AR location map of where navigation 

equipment operated

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