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USGS CMG P-1-94-AR Metadata

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ID P-1-94-AR
Also Known As AOS'94
Abstract Chief Scientist: Art Grantz. Data (pistoncore, boxcore) of field activity P-1-94-AR in Arctic Ocean from 07/25/1994 to 08/30/1994
Project/Theme Global Change, Arctic Tectonics
National Plan Global Change, Arctic Tectonics
Chief Scientist Art Grantz
Platform Polar Sea
Area of Operation Arctic Ocean
Bounding Coordinates
10.30551    -165.42616
Dates 07/25/1994 (JD 206) to 08/30/1994 (JD 242)
Analog Materials list
Art Grantz Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
Pat Hart Geophysicist, USGS Western Region
Mike Mullen Geologist, USGS Western Region
Walt Olson Technician, USGS Western Region
Kevin O'Toole Technician, USGS Western Region
Larry Phillips Scientist, USGS Western Region
Fred Payne Electronics Technician, USGS Western Region
Erk Reimnitz Scientist, USGS Western Region
Bob Robinson Unspecified, USGS Western Region
Steve May Scientist, USGS Western Region
Equipment Used
Climatic history of the western Arctic Ocean basin; Origin of
the Amerasia Basin, Arctic Ocean, and its continental margins.
Paleoclimate of Amerasia Basin, Arctic Ocean;
geologic framework, Arctic Basin
Collected 18 box cores; 16 piston cores; 17 bulk sediment samples were
collected from ice flows; 7 bulk sediment samples were collected for
radionuclide testing; 3 wood samples were collected; 38 samples were filtered to
determine suspended particulate matter concentration (29 were ice core samples,
6 were snow samples, 3 were water samples)
(From 8/12/94 USGS Bulletin)  August 10,1994. Art Grantz sends the
following progress report: We are working north near 82d N, 175d E doing mainly
biologic studies of the water column, benthic biology, sea ice studies, and
air and upper water column chemistry.  The geologic program has been collecting
the required global change piston and box cores, but no seismic data to date.
At least two of our piston cores are about 28 ft. long, but none have reached
bedrock.  Erk Reimnitz is having a field day on and in the ice.  Sea ice
conditions were moderate early on, but fairly difficult now.  However,
satellite imagery suggests that ice conditions are somewhat easier to the
northwest, over Wrangell Abyssal Plain, where we are now headed.  We will try
to concentrate our seismic and coring program on prime geologic targets between
85d N and the Pole and 150d and 175d W.
Worked from Point Barrow to the North Pole.  Two ships are involved, the U.S.
Coast Guard ship Polar Sea and Canadian Coast Guard ice-breaker Louis S. St.
Laurent.  Geologic sampling and seismic reflection studies were conducted in
the55-day expedition across 3,700 miles of Arctic Ocean.  Some cores came up
bubbling so they were sealed in pressure vessels to test whether they might
contain gas hydrate.

AOS (Arctic Ocean Section)
Cruise Report; the Canada/U.S. 1994 Artic Ocean Section 17 July - 9 September 
1994, Onboard the USCGC Polar Star and the CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent, Applied 
Physics Laboratory, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.

Grantz, Arthur, Clark, D.L., Phillips, R.L., and Srivastava, S.P., 1998, Phanerozoic stratigraphy of Northwind Ridge, magnetic anomalies in the Canada basin, and the geometry and timing of rifting in the Amerasia basin, Artic Ocean, GSA Bulletin, June 1998, no 6, p. 801-820, URL:
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P-1-94-AR location map of where navigation 

equipment operated
P-1-94-AR location map of where navigation 

equipment operated

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