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ID P-1-97-MB
Abstract Chief Scientist: Brian Edwards. Coring and Sampling data (boxcore, 3dot5khz, YoNav, GPS, clamshellgrab) of field activity P-1-97-MB in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary from 08/27/1997 to 09/05/1997
Project/Theme Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Chief Scientist Brian Edwards
Activity Type Coring and Sampling
Platform Point Sur
Area of Operation Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Monterey Bay, CA
Bounding Coordinates
-122.91206    -121.78513
Dates 08/27/1997 (JD 239) to 09/05/1997 (JD 248)
Analog Materials list
Information Specialist
Carolyn Degnan
Walter Barnhardt Unspecified, USGS Western Region
Brian Edwards Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
Brad Carkin Unspecified, USGS Western Region
Hank Chezar Unspecified, USGS Western Region
Justin Friesner Unspecified
Kaye Kinoshita Unspecified, USGS Western Region
Greg Martz Unspecified
Rebecca Preston Unspecified
Equipment Used
Statistical sampling scheme for Monterey Bay Project
Excerpts from the WR CMG Bulletin (Publisher Mike Carr, Editor: Ann

11/7/97 -

In late August and early September, the Monterey Bay National Marine
Sanctuary (MBNMS) project conducted two very successful 10-day back-to-
back cruises on the continental shelf between Carmel and the Golden Gate.
The first was a sampling cruise out of Moss Landing aboard the R/V Point
Sur, a UNOLS vessel. The second was a very high resolution seismic-
reflection cruise aboard the NOAA ship McArthur. During the sampling
leg, we recovered 175 box cores, grab samples, and bottom photographs
out of 226 sampling attempts. The samples were located at sites specified
by EPA's EMAP design criteria and represent the last of the statistically
sited coring for the MBNMS project. The geophysical leg was designed
to delineate the three-dimensional spatial distribution of areas of
sediment erosion, deposition, bypass, and outcrops within this shelf
region. We used the newly remodeled HUNTEC system to collect approximately
1400 trackline-km of very high resolution boomer data (centered in the
2-kHz to 2.5-kHz range). The system performed beautifully and provided 
high-quality data, at times to subbottom depths exceeding 100 m. Walter 
Barnhardt, Brad Carkin, Hank Chezar, Justin Friesner, Kaye Kinoshita,
Greg Martz, and Rebecca Preston, along with various MLML and UCSC
personnel, endured the grueling 12-hour coring watches with good cheer.
Roberto Anima was co-chief, and Kaye Kinoshita, Rebecca Preston, and
Glenn Spinelli provided support during the geophysical work. We conducted
the cruises at a time when MARFAC was hard pressed with the BASIX III
operation. Fred Payne served ably as both ET and MT during the sampling
leg. Fred Payne, Mike Boyle, and Graham Standen (GEOFORCE tech) got to
play with the HUNTEC system during the geophysical leg. I thank MARFAC
and particularly Fred and Mike for their help in making both these
cruises successful.- Brian Edwards
Reid, J.A., Reid, J.M., Jenkins, C.J., Zimmermann, M., Williams, S.J., and
Field, M.E., 2006, usSEABED: Pacific Coast (California, Oregon, Washington)
offshore surficial-sediment data release, U.S. Geological Survey Data Series
182, version 1.0. Online at:

Orzech, K.M., Dahl, W.E., and Edwards, B.D., 2001, Core Descriptions, Core Photographs, Physical Property Logs and Surface Textural Data of Sediment Cores Recovered from the Continental Shelf of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary During Research Cruises M-1-95-MB, P-2-95-MB, and P-1-97-MB, US Geological Survey Openfile report 01-107:
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P-1-97-MB location map of where navigation 

equipment operated
P-1-97-MB location map of where navigation 

equipment operated

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