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Expanded Description
Topic Description
  Program to combine files and append cruise id to each record.

  If the file is named by the DRS convention with a cruise id for

  a filename, the cruise id will be appended to each record.
  If the file name does not meet the above requirement, the first
  seven letters of the filename (potentially including file type
  and version) will be appended.
  The resulting file will contain all headers and blank lines that
  were in the original files, so be sure internal !'s are acceptable.
  Enter input filename (<CR> = no more files):          (rep

  Enter output filename:
  Enter character string to be inserted between files
    (<CR> = no file delim
  Clint Steele              7/27/88       .for

  Ed Maple                  5/10/89
     Added display of number of records read for each file and total
     number of records written. In loop where input file names are
     read, changed open statement where test of file existence is made
     to be an inquire statement. Changed the loop itself to test for
     null input of file name for end of file names to eliminate a goto
     statement. Changed do-while loop where records are read and
     written to be a do 100 loop.
  Carolyn Degnan            3/13/91
     no loger "eats" headers and blank lines
  Clint Steele   4/22/92    added call to STARIN for input

          read (*, '(a255)') InputFile (FileNumber)
      read (5, '(q,a)') LengthString, String
              read (89, '(q,a)', end = 98) Length, ARecord
              write (90, '(a)') String(1:LengthString)
                  write (90, '(10x)')
                  write (90, '(a,1x,a7)')
     *                ARecord(1:Length), CruiseID(1:7)
          open (unit   = 89,
     *          status = 'old',
     *          name   = InputFile (FileNumber) )
              call starin (InputFile (FileNumber))
      call openem (0, -1)
          call getcruise (TempName, CruiseID, Platform, Leg, Year, 
     *                    Place, Other, FileType, 
     *                    LengthLeg, LengthOther, LengthType)

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