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Expanded Description
Topic Description
  Subroutine to create .html files for a specific gazette area for GAZ2HTML.

      read (5, '(q,a)', end = 99)
     *    QAreaLength, QArea(1:QAreaLength)
          read (91, '(q,a)', end = 99) 
     *        BLineLength, BLine(1:BLineLength)
          read (BLine(Tab(4)+1:Tab(5)-1), '(a)') Area
          read (BLine(Tab(7)+1:Tab(8)-1), '(i)') DBLevel
          read (BLine(Tab(8)+1:Tab(9)-1), '(a)') AreaName
          write (Area, '(4x)')
          write (AreaName, '(255x)')
          write (DBArea(DBLevel), '(4x)')
          write (DBName(DBLevel), '(255x)')
      open (unit = 91,
     *      name = '/infobank/programs/keep/gazette.keep',
     *      access = 'sequential',
     *      form = 'formatted',
     *      status = 'old')
      call changecase ('SMALLS', QArea(1:QAreaLength))
          call changecase ('SMALLS', Area)
          call stringlen (Area, AreaLength)
          call stringlen (AreaName, AreaNameLength)
              call doequip (Left, Top, EntityCount,
     *            Length1, Length2, Length3,
     *            HtmlNameLength, MetaNameLength, EquipLevel,
     *            EquipLoop, AreaLength, MetaName,
     *            HtmlName, Area, Equip, MetaCheck)
              call dohead (Left, Top, EntityCount,
     *            Length1, Length2, Length3,
     *            EquipLevel, EquipLoop, AreaNameLength, AreaName,
     *            Equip)
               call doequiptabs (EquipLevel, EquipLoop, EquipCount,
     *            AreaLength, Area, Equip, Length1, Length2,
     *            AreaName, AreaNameLength)
              call dobreadcrumbs (DBLevel, EquipLevel, EquipLoop,
     *            AreaLength, DBName, DBArea, Area, Equip,
     *            Length1, Length2)
              call domap (Length1, Length2, Length3, EquipLevel,
     *            EquipLoop, AreaLength, Area, Equip)
              call domapdiv (GazCount, GazNameLength, 
     *            GazName, GazArea, Area, AreaLength)
              call dostyle (GazCount, GazNameLength, AreaLength,
     *            Area, GazName, GazArea)
              call dosummarytabs (Length1, Length2, Length3,
     *            MetaNameLength, EquipLevel, EquipLoop,
     *            AreaNameLength, AreaLength, MetaName, AreaName,
     *            Area, Equip,
     *            ScaleCount, ScaleAreaLength, ScaleArea, Scale)
              call dorecs (GazCount, GazNameLength, 
     *            GazName, GazArea, Area, AreaLength, 
     *            MetaName, MetaNameLength)
              call dofooter (HtmlNameLength, HtmlName)

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