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USGS Activity Physical Data: Container 00412

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Location of Container:
412, Area A , black box drawers, Rm M119 in Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center at 400 Natural Bridges Dr ., column 28
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Item #
136196  __91NC  ______  CMG  Report on research workshop Gulf of the Farallones  ______ 
136197  e195nc  Kim Klitgord  CMG  trackline map  ______ 
136198  e195nc  Kim Klitgord  CMG  notes  ______ 
136199  e195nc  Kim Klitgord  CMG  memos  ______ 
136200  e294nc  Herman Karl, John Chin   CMG  trackline plot  ______ 
136201  e294nc  Herman Karl, John Chin   CMG  core location maps  ______ 
136202  m191nc  ______  CMG  cruise report  ______ 
136203  m298nc  Herman Karl  CMG  trackline map  ______ 
136204  m298nc  Herman Karl  CMG  sample location map  ______ 
136205  m298nc  Herman Karl  CMG  crew facs  ______ 
136206  m298nc  Herman Karl  CMG  equipment facs,   ______ 
136207  m298nc  Herman Karl  CMG  ship time log  ______ 
136208  m298nc  Herman Karl  CMG  sample location  ______ 
136209  m298nc  Herman Karl  CMG  sampling facs  ______ 
136210  m298nc  Herman Karl  CMG  lines and nav facs  ______ 
136211  m298nc  Herman Karl  CMG  site history report  ______ 
136212  m298nc  Herman Karl  CMG  final cruise plan  ______ 
136213  p197nc  Dan Orange, Sam Clarke   CMG  Sample reports  ______ 
136214  r194nc  Sam Clarke  CMG  bathymetry from NOAA  ______ 
136215  s194nc  Herman Karl  CMG  Satellite fix listing  ______ 
136216  s194nc  Herman Karl  CMG  location map  ______ 
136217  w298nc  Homa Lee  CMG  FACS log sheets  ______ 
Item #

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