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USGS Activity Physical Data: Container 02954

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Location of Container:
2954, Area B , black box drawers, Rm. T119 in PCMSC offices at 400 Natural Bridges Dr., column 06
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Item #
200108  p188ar  Art Grantz  CMG  logbook   
200109  l1182cs  Art Grantz  CMG  logbook   
200110  l1182cs  Art Grantz  CMG  core logbook   
200111  l977ar  Art Grantz  CMG  logbook   
200112  l678ar  Art Grantz  CMG  logbook   
200113  l880ar  Art Grantz  CMG  logbook   
200114  g176ar  Art Grantz  CMG  logbook   
200115  b171ar  Art Grantz  CMG  logbook   
200116  b172ar  Art Grantz  CMG  logbook   
200117  B272AR  Art Grantz  CMG  logbook   
200118  g176ar  Art Grantz  CMG  core logs   
200171  p192ar    CMG  Geopulse rolls   
200172  p194ar    CMG  Geopulse rolls   
200173  k183cs    CMG  Geopulse rolls   
200174  p193ar    CMG  Geopulse rolls   
200175  lw183ak    CMG  Geopulse rolls   
200176  p189ar    CMG  Geopulse rolls   
200177  DC280EG    CMG  Geopulse rolls   
200178  k382ar    CMG  lat lon printout of tracklines   
200179  k180ar    CMG  lat lon printout of tracklines   
200180  k179ar    CMG  lat lon printout of tracklines   
200181  k279ar    CMG  lat lon printout of tracklines   
200182  k178ar    CMG  lat lon printout of tracklines   
200183  k173ar    CMG  lat lon printout of tracklines   
200184  l171ar    CMG  lat lon printout of tracklines   
200185  k181ar    CMG  lat lon printout of tracklines   
200186  s180wg    CMG  lat lon printout of tracklines   
Item #

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