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ARC Coverage

This defines arc coverage in Infobank

  • An ARC coverage is a digital vector storage framework for geographic information that is produced by ARC/INFO and used by ARC/INFO, ArcView, ArcGIS and other widely used GIS software.
  • ARC/INFO, ArcView and ArcGIS are commercial GIS software packages for making maps and analyzing geographic data.
  • A coverage stores map (geographic) features as:
    • primary features (such as arcs, nodes, polygons, and label points) and
    • secondary features (such as tics, map extent, links, and annotation).

  • Associated feature attribute tables describe and store attributes of the map features.
  • Map projection, datum, precision, and other meta data are included in the coverage format.

NOTE: An individual ARC/INFO coverage is a collection of files and directories that should not be moved or distributed using standard file management tools. The coverage must first be "exported" to an "interchange" format or managed from with the GIS software.

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