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Total station

Usage of "total station".

"total station" is the horizontal and vertical positioning of a ship, platform, benchmark, survey location, etc.

The positions are commonly UTM x/y/z or latitude, longitude, elevation triplets.

Total station survey Activity-ID naming convention:

California |Pt. Reyes| San Francisco| San Mateo Co.|
|Santa Cruz Co.| Monterey Bay| Carmel Bay|
|Estero Bay| Santa Barbara Co.| Ventura Co.|
|Hawaii| Maui| Oahu|


Latitudes and longitudes

Total station information:

scattered < Activity-ID >.utm files containing UTM X,Y,Z information.
metadata information about Total station inventory of gear, deployment of gear, operation of gear, and magnetic media.

InfoBank Total station data file names:

<Activity-ID>.utm: UTM X,Y,Z of geodimeter location, control points, and data points

InfoBank Total station metadata file names:

<Activity-ID>.conditions skies, temperature, barometric pressure, wind, precipitation, sea state, optical siting, etc. conditions
<Activity-ID>.data_files list and descriptions of raw, edited, imagery, etc. data files
<Activity-ID>.geo_equipment Total station equipment systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.header description of location and dates
<Activity-ID>.image_files list and descriptions of image files
<Activity-ID>.location ellipsoid, horizontal datum, vertical datum, UTM zone, latitude, longitude, elevation, northing, easting metadata
<Activity-ID>.notes notes and comments
<Activity-ID>.observations special observations
<Activity-ID>.post-processing post-data collection processing metadata
<Activity-ID>.precision horizontal and vertical precision and accuracy metadata
<Activity-ID>.procedure field procedures
<Activity-ID>.synopsis synopsis of activity


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