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"Gravity" is a measure of the attraction exerted by the earth on a mass.
Local (land or platform based) gravimetric measurements are made using a portable instrument.
Worldwide measurements are made using satellites.

Eotvos Land ties Corrections

Gravity information:

scattered < Activity-ID >.1## files containing time sequential information along ship tracks.
analog physical materials, usually land tie information
metadata information about gravimetric analog paper rolls, inventory of gear, operation of gear, magnetic tapes, land ties, and paper printer listings

Gravimetric data file names:

<Activity-ID>.10# Raw uncorrected readings from digital gravimeters
<Activity-ID>.11# Raw uncorrected readings from analog gravimeters
<Activity-ID>.12# Edited gravity information
<Activity-ID>.13# Control file (usually for removing turns)
<Activity-ID>.14# Land ties
<Activity-ID>.15# Free Air Anomaly information with turns removed
<Activity-ID>.16# Free Air Anomaly information
<Activity-ID>.17# Non-surface free air anomaly information (includes the meter depth)
<Activity-ID>.18# Free Air Anomaly and Bouguer Anomaly information

Gravimetric metadata file names:

<Activity-ID>.bathgrav bathymetry + gravity systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.bathgravmag bathymetry + gravity + magnetics systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.bathgravmagnav bathymetry + gravity + magnetics + navigation systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.bathgravnav bathymetry + gravity + navigation systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.gradiometer gradiometer systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.gravity gravity (only) systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.gravmag gravity + magnetics systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.landtie gravity land tie metadata
<Activity-ID>.meter1 gravimeter #1 metadata
<Activity-ID>.meter2 gravimeter #2 metadata
<Activity-ID>.meter32 gravimeter #S32 metadata
<Activity-ID>.meter41 gravimeter #S41 metadata
<Activity-ID>.straitline straitline systems metadata

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