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Television, video, cameras, and other imaging systems. "Imaging" information covers X/Y Amplitude-type information including: GLORIA sidescan, Klein sidescan, high-resolution sidescan, and multi-beam backscatter.

metadata information about imaging inventory of gear, operation of gear, and magnetic tapes.

Sidescan imaging metadata file names:

<Activity-ID>.onoff.gloriasidescan GLORIA sidescan systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.onoff.kleinsidescan Klein sidescan systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.onoff.sidescansonar sidescan sonar systems metadata
<Sidescan-Sonar-Image-ID>.hst Sidescan sonar history file is associated with the MIPS image of the same prefix. All processing steps run on the image are listed sequentially. Processing step information includes program name, files and parameters selected for that run followed by a line of dashes (e.g., 84t1fl_pic.hst ).
<Sidescan-Sonar-Image-ID>.img Sidescan sonar MIPS image file is a two-dimensional array of pixels. Horizontal rows of pixels are called lines. Vertical columns are called samples. The top-left corner pixel of an image is coordinate (Line 1, Sample 1). The bottom-right corner pixel is coordinate (Number of Lines, Number of Samples).
<Sidescan-Sonar-Image-ID>.lbl Sidescan sonar labels file is associated with the MIPS image of the same prefix. Examples of information contained are: the number of lines and samples and the image type. May contain either image, sonar, navigation, projection, transformation, vector, or mosaic information for the image (e.g., 84t1fl_pic.lbl ).
<Sidescan-Sonar-Image-ID>.nav Sidescan sonar navigation file is associated with the MIPS image of the same prefix. May contain date, time, latitude, longitude, roll, pitch, heading, velocity, altitude, depth, and left/right slant range distances for every line of data in the sonar image.
<Sidescan-Sonar-Image-ID>.prt Sidescan sonar print file is created by a MIPS program after processing an image. May contain program name, execution date and time, input and output file names and sizes, parameter selections, program-specific information, actual CPU time used, and page faults (e.g., 84t1fl_pic.prt ).

InfoBank multibeam imaging metadata file names:

<Activity-ID>.onoff.multibeambackscatter multibeam backscatter systems metadata

Camera information

metadata information about camera-related film, video, photos, inventory of gear, deployment of gear, operation of gear, and observations

InfoBank camera metadata file names:

<Activity-ID>.digitalcamera digital camera systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.underwatercamera underwater camera systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.underwatertelevision underwater television systems metadata

A "time" key is associated with each record for correlation with other information datasets.

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