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This documents the usage of navigation.

Latitudes and longitudes


Derivative information

Navigation information occurs as:

scattered < Activity-ID >.0# or <Activity-ID>.6# files containing time sequential information.
analog physical records, usually electrostatic or photostatic rolls
metadata information about navigation analog paper rolls, inventory of gear, deployment of gear, operation of gear, magnetic tapes and floppies, paper printer listings, and platform movements.

Navigation data file names:

<Activity-ID>.00# Transit satellite information
<Activity-ID>.01# Dead reckoning latitude/longitude
<Activity-ID>.02# Platform position updates
<Activity-ID>.03# Loran C information
<Activity-ID>.04# Omega information
<Activity-ID>.05# Satellite Integrated Navigation (SINS) latitude/longitude
<Activity-ID>.06# Global Positioning System (GPS) latitude/longitude
<Activity-ID>.07# Latitude, longitude, Eotvos, course, speed, distance
<Activity-ID>.08# Farnella ABC latitude/longitude
<Activity-ID>.60# Raw transponder ranges
<Activity-ID>.61# Transponder control positioning
<Activity-ID>.62# Raw Miniranger ranges
<Activity-ID>.63# Miniranger operations table
<Activity-ID>.64# Miniranger land table in latitude/longitude
<Activity-ID>.65# Latitude, longitude, UTM positions
<Activity-ID>.66# Radar information
<Activity-ID>.67# Raw Del Norte ranges
<Activity-ID>.68# Miniranger land table in UTMs
<Activity-ID>.69# Edited ranging navigation in latitude/longitude

Navigation metadata file names:

<Activity-ID>.bathgravmagnav bathymetry + gravity + megnetics + navigation systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.bathgravnav bathymetry + gravity + navigation systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.bathmagnav bathymetry + magnetics + navigation systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.bathnav bathymetry + navigation systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.bottomtransponder bottom transponder systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.courserecorder course recorder systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.deadreckoning deadreckoning systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.delnorte.rangerange del norte range/range systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.dopplersonar doppler sonar systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.gps GPS systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.integratednavigation integrated navigation systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.lines lines systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.lorac lorac systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.lorana loran-a systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.loranc loran-c systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.loranc.rhorho loran-c rho/rho systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.miniranger miniranger systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.navplot.bridge bridge plots and charts metadata
<Activity-ID> computer plots and charts metadata
<Activity-ID>.navplot.lab lab plots and charts metadata
<Activity-ID>.pcode pcode systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.precisionrangingsystem precision ranging systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.radar radar systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.raydist raydist systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.sextant sextant systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.sonotracktransducer sonotrack transducer systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.stations stations systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.transitsatellite transit satellite systems metadata
<Activity-ID>.yonav yonav navigation acquisition systems metadata

A time key is associated with each record for correlation with other scattered information datasets.

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