Coastal and Marine Geology Metadata and Data

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Activity ID Project Code

ACH Assessment of Coastal Change Hazards
ADR African Dust Record
ASR Aquifer Storage and Recovery
BHS BioGeo History Study
BPS Beach Pathogen Survey
CCG Changes in Coral Growth
CCT Coastal Change and Transport
CEV Climate and Environmental Variability
CID Cosmogenic and Isotope Dating
CRC Coral Reef Cooperative
CRD Coral Reef Degradation
CRS Coral Reef Studies
DAF Deep ATRIS Florida
DCC Dead Coral Cores
DCM Deep-Sea Coral Microbiology
ECE Enewetak Crater Exploration
EHH Effects of Hurricane Hugo
ERM Ecosystem Restoration and Management
FLL Florida Lake Lithology
FSH Florida Shelf Habitat Mapping
FSS Feather Sound Sinkholes
GCH Gulf Coast Hypoxia
GCR Geology of Coral Reefs
GFP Geological Framework Processes
GME Gulf of Mexico Estuary (Tampa Bay Study)
GMR Geochemical Monitoring of Restoration
GSE Geochemical Studies in the Everglades
GWP Groundwater Project
HES Hawaii Erosion Study
KEY Keys, Florida (one time cruise)
LCA Lakes and Coastal Aquifers
LCM Leaky Coastal Margins
LME Land Margin Ecosystems
LSR Louisiana Sand Resources
LVI LIDAR Vicksburg
MEE Marine Ecosystems Evaluation
MGC Marine Groundwater Characterization
MEL Mercury in Estuaries and Lakes
MER Microbial Ecology of Reef Systems
MPC Microbial Productivity in Coral
MSG Marine Sand and Gravel (National Assessment)
NCW National Coastal Wetland Evaluation
OFA Outside Funding Agency
RCE River Contaminant Evaluation (Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers, LA)
RCR Remote Sensing Coral Reefs
SC2 South Carolina Phase 2
SCC Subsidence and Coastal Change
SCE South Carolina Erosion Study
SFA Subsidence and Fault Activation
SFB Salinity patterns Florida Bay
SGD Submarine Groundwater Discharge
SJW Saint Johns Water (Seismic Reflection)
SPP Subsurface Pollutant Pathways
SSF Shelf Sediment Facies
SSP Synthesis of Sediment Production
SWL Subsidence and Wetland Loss
THI Toxic Hydrology Investigation
TWC Tampa Wetlands Characterization
VEC Virus Enumeration in Deep-Slope Chemosynthetic Environments
WCE Washington Coastal Erosion

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