Coastal and Marine Geology Metadata and Data

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Metadata (e.g.: current location, equipment type, sampling location) about each sample is viewable, including linkages to additional information. Note: Our goal is to provide similar access to all our data types, as we work out data volume and system limitation issues.
Sampling is done using a variety of types of cores, dredges, traps, nets, grabs, and bottles.

Sample information:
metadata information about sampling-related analog rolls, inventory of gear, deployment of gear, operation of gear, recovery of gear, and sample attempts.

Sample data file names:
Activity-ID .<sample-type>.<sample-#> data and information about specific samples

Sample metadata file names:
<Activity-ID>.alpinecore alpine cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.boomerangcore boomerang cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.boxcore box cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.core cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.dartcore dart cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.drillcore drill cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.gravitycore gravity cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.hydroplastcore hydroplast cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.icecore ice-corer cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.multicore multi-corer cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.phlegercore phleger cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.pistoncore piston cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.pushcore push cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.slowcore slow corer cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.tripcore trip corer cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.vibralift vibralift cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.vibratingcore virbrating core cores metadata
<Activity-ID>.chaindredge chain dredges metadata
<Activity-ID>.pipedredge pipe dredges metadata
<Activity-ID>.rockingchairdredge rocking chair dredges metadata
<Activity-ID>.anchorsamplegrab anchor sample grabs metadata
<Activity-ID>.clamshellgrab clam shell grabs metadata
<Activity-ID>.freefallgrab freefall grabs metadata
<Activity-ID>.handsamplegrab hand sample grabs metadata
<Activity-ID>.landgrab land grabs metadata
<Activity-ID>.ponargrab ponar grabs metadata
<Activity-ID>.shipekgrab shipek grabs metadata
<Activity-ID>.smith-macintyregrab Smith-MacIntyre grabs metadata
<Activity-ID>.soutargrab soutar grabs metadata
<Activity-ID>.vanveengrab vanveen grabs metadata
<Activity-ID>.beamtrawl beam-trawl metadata
<Activity-ID>.bongonet bongo net metadata
<Activity-ID>.crabpot crab pot metadata
<Activity-ID>.fishtrap fish trap metadata
<Activity-ID>.ottertrawl otter-trawl metadata
<Activity-ID>.planktonnet plankton net metadata
<Activity-ID>.ringnet ring net metadata
<Activity-ID>.niskenbottle nisken water bottle metadata
<Activity-ID>.vandornbottle vandorn water bottle metadata
<Activity-ID>.waterbucket water bucket metadata
<Activity-ID>.suspendedsediment suspended sediment metadata
<Activity-ID>.guardbuoy guard buoy metadata

A "time" key is associated with each record for correlation with other information datasets.

The USGS maintains a collection of whole and split ocean sediment cores, core subsamples, and associated data acquired during analyses of these materials. The collection includes a range of materials primarily from the western coast of the conterminous United States but with additional samples from Alaska, Antarctica, and the south Pacific. This library of samples is available as a resource to scientists conducting research projects of national interest. See: USGS CMG Sample Distribution Policy.

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