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USGS CMG InfoBank format for Sampling Equipment

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File Name /infobank/<letter>/<activityid>/samp/<activity-id>.onoff.SAMP_EQUIPMENT_TYPE
Style time/lat/long style, multi-record, in caps, without tabs
(Year, DayOfYear, UTCHour, Min, Sec, Tenths, Lat, Long, ActivityID, EquipmentType, Depth, DepthUnits, SampleID, Comments)  [DAPS]  
(Year, DayOfYear, UTCHour, Min, Sec, Tenths, Hundredths, Lat, Long, ActivityID, EquipmentType, Depth, DepthUnits, SampleID, Comments) [DAPX]  
Fortran format
(i4.4, i3.3, 3i2.2, i1.1, t16, f9.5, t26, f10.5, t37, a, t45, a24, t70, f6.1, t78, a1, t80, a9, t90, a)  [DAPS]  
(i4.4, i3.3, 3i2.2, 2i1.1, t17, f10.6, t28, f11.6, t40, a, t48, a24, t73, f6.1, t81, a1, t83, a9, t93, a)  [DAPX]  
Purpose temporal domain
Derivative FACS Operation logbook, through /infobank/programs/edit/breakdown, then through /infobank/programs/nav/navmerge


         1         2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9        10        11        12
19840501137000 -73.69556 -176.40777 L284AN  CHAINDREDGE              2249.0  M 17        START
19840501239000 -73.70869 -176.49332 L284AN  CHAINDREDGE              1821.0  M 17        END
19840510238000 -72.36472 -178.39729 L284AN  CHAINDREDGE               645.0  M 18        START
19840510319000 -72.36927 -178.34910 L284AN  CHAINDREDGE               524.0  M 18        END 

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