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Expanded Description
Topic Description
  Program to generate <Activity_ID>.html from Information Bank 

  Typing "info2html" runs "/infobank/programs/shells/info2html"

  it creates "/infobank/tmp/info2html.control.keep" 
  (a list of activity IDs) and then executes this program.
  This info2html reads "/infobank/programs/keep/dictionary.keep" information.
  Loops through for each ID in the 
  "/infobank/tmp/info2html.control.keep" ID list.
  Calls "inventory" to determine the existance or not of 
    certain directries and .filenames
  Opens the "<ID>/html/<ID>
  Calls "htmlhead" to insert the standard header.
  Calls "controlbar" to insert the standard control bar while
     using "existance" info to determine if links are added.
  Calls "overviewtable" to add the ".overview" info.
  Calls "overviewtable" to add the ".ngdc_overview" info.
  Calls "htmlfoot" to insert the standard footer.
  Closes the "<ID>/html/<ID>
  Calls "types" that uses "/infobank/programs/keep/equiptypes.keep" to
     construct nested level filenames.
  Calls executiontime to print the executiontime
  Multiply calls "make0to6" for 
  "nav", "bath", "mag", "grav", "seis", "imag"
  data types.
  For "meta" calls "makemetatype", for others calls "makedatatype".
  "makemetatype" calls "linkable", "nonlinkable", and "publinkable".
  "makedatatype" calls "specmeta" and "specdata"
  Clint Steele   10/16/97

  Sumy Tom       11/04/09
  Added a call to executiontime(integer)
  replaces functionality of FJOB
  Set disk "imag1" for activities A-M and "imag2" for N-Z and
  added variable ImageDisk to call addimag, to call addimgarc,
  to call inventory, to call make0to6, and to call adddata. CDegnan, 8/23/2012
 4 6 8-1-2 4 6 8-2-2 4 6 8-3-2 4 6 8-4-2 4 6 8-5-2 4 6 8-6-2 4 6 8-7-2

          read (DictionaryUnit, '(q,a)', end=501) 
     *        TempLineLength, TempLine(1:TempLineLength)
          read (TempLine(Tab(9)+1:Tab(10)-1), '(q,a)')
     *        DictionaryLength, Dictionary(Count)(1:DictionaryLength)
5     read(ControlUnit,'(a)',err = 10)text 
      read (ControlUnit, '(q,a)', end=98) 
     *      ALineLength, ALine(1:ALineLength)
      read (58, '(t10,a19)', end = 589) CapID
      write (Existance, '(1024x)')
          write (TempLine, '(4096x)')
      write (ShortID, '(7x)')
      write (LongID, '(10x)')
      write (CapID, '(20x)')
          write (LongID, 2) 
     *        ALine(1:1), ALine(2:3), ALine(4:5), ALine(6:7)
          write (LongID, 2) 
     *        ALine(1:1), ALine(2:2), ALine(3:4), ALine(5:6)
      write (Existance, '(1024x)')
      open (unit   = DictionaryUnit,
     *      file   = '/infobank/programs/keep/dictionary.keep',
     *      access = 'sequential',
     *      form   = 'formatted',
     *      status = 'old')
      open (unit   = ControlUnit,
     *      file   = '/infobank/tmp/info2html.control.temp',
     *      access = 'sequential',
     *      form   = 'formatted',
     *      status = 'old')
      open (unit = 58,
     *      access = 'sequential',
     *      form = 'formatted',
     *      status = 'unknown',
     *      name = '/infobank/'//
     *             ALine(1:1)//'/'//
     *             ShortID(1:IDLength)//'/meta/'//
     *             LongID(1:IDLength+3)//'.ids')
      call stringlen (CapID, CapIDLength)
      call changecase ('CAPITALS', CapID(1:CapIDLength))
      call stringlen (Existance, ExistanceLength)
      call inventory (ImageDisk, ShortID(1:1), 
     *               ShortID(1:IDLength), LongID(1:IDLength+3),
     *               Existance, ExistanceLength)
      call stringlen (Existance, ExistanceLength)
          call make0to6 (ImageDisk,
     *                   '/infobank/'//ImageDisk,'imag', 'Imagery',
     *                   IDLength, 
     *                   ShortID, LongID, CapID(1:CapIDLength),
     *                   Dictionary, Existance(1:ExistanceLength))
          call system ('/bin/rm /infobank/tmp/info2html.temp.list')
          call system ('/bin/rm /infobank/tmp/')
         call system ('/bin/rm /infobank/tmp/info2html.meta.list')
      call system ('/bin/rm /infobank/tmp/info2html_datatable.temp')

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