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Program Name Description
accession2items Subroutine to replace accession database info in .item files.
area Program to determine cruises within a specified area.
barcodenum Program to assign new barcode numbers for items.
barcodes Program to update holdings databases based on new bar code reader information.
breakresults Subroutine to separate .results list into separate .item file components.
bycontainer2activities Program to break containers_by_activity into seperate .container files
bycontainer2containers Program to break containers_by_container into seperate .container files
caps Subroutine to verify that a record is all CAPS.
changes Program to update InfoBank activities when data files change.
checkchars Subroutine to verify ASCII character values.
checkexistance Subroutine to check for the existance of a file.
cleantds Subroutine to unwrap <TD></TD> pairs that span multiple records.
clint (none)
commaker Subroutine to create a command procedure that extracts infomation for InfoBank.
commenter Subroutine to allow users to conveniently submit comments to the Information Bank administrator.
constrain Subroutine to set activity flag based on constraint.
containernum Program to find available numbers for new containers.
copyfiles Subroutine to write and execute a command procedure to copy files.
cores2items Program to convert "tabular" core information to .item files.
costcenters Program to generate a list of Scientists and associated cost centers from .item files.
crew2chiefs Program to extract CHIEF SCIENTIST .CHIEF info from .CREW files.
dapsname Subroutine o verify that a filename is a standard DAPS name.
emptyhead Subroutine to verify that the first record of a file is not blank.
emptytail Subroutine to verify that the last record of a file is not blank.
eventchecker Program to check _events files from a list of .onoff. files that contain start/end information.
events4pairs Program to construct _events files from a list of .onoff. files that contain start/end or on/off information.
events4points Program to construct _events files from a list of .onoff. files that contain point information.
existance Program to determine the existance or not of a file type within a <ID> structure.
fingerprint Program to determine if people listed in .crew files are "known" in InfoBank .keep files.
fixevents Program to indentify .event files that should be updated.
fixunixyear Program to correctly display the year of a file.
fortranupdate Program to extract and reformat a list of FORTRAN .for programs and paths to them.
georef2ids Program to convert GEOREF output into ID request files.
georef2pubs Program to convert GEOREF output into /infobank/pubs/*/*.pub files.
getfilename Subroutine to obatin a file name.
getid Subroutine to obtain an non-hyphenated ID and convert it into a hypenated ID.
gettds Subroutine to perform initial extraction of <TD> records.
gettdvalues Subroutine to extract data values from <TD> records.
grd2sound Program to reformat 15 second gridded (*.grd) files from the NOS Hydrographic Database.
handles Subroutine to limit activity selection.
helper Subroutine to display help information for InfoBank.
holdingsareasort Program to sort containers.keep file by location, area, row, and then column for preparation of elevation pages.
holdingsheaders Program to produce a table of the header records for holdings databases.
ideveryline Subroutine to verify that an Activity ID starts every record.
idfirstline Subroutine to verify that an Activity ID start the first, and only the first, record.
imagemap Subroutine to verify the format of an IMAGEMAP file.
infobank Program to access USGS/MCG/WR Information Bank.
intro Subroutine to perform initial tasks for INFOBANK.
itemize Program to convert .item files to a tab-delimited table.
items2cores Program to demultiplex a collection of .item files into "tabular" core information.
justpoints Program to add a justpoints.keep file into an Activity's /meta/ directory.
linecheck Program to check for appropriate keywords in col. 110:...
listholdings Program to output a summary of the current WR CMG holdings for an activity.
loadstyles Subroutine to load into arrays the required file-type styles.
lowercase Subroutine to verify that a file is in lower case.
mailmetafile Subroutine to create a new or modify an existing metafile.
mainob2items Program to convert .htm files extracted from O'Brien Excel database into components for .item files.
mainvalidator Program to validate internal formats and name of files.
mainvalidnav Program to validate that the necessary navigation processing steps have been done and in the appropriate sequence.
make1file Subroutine to combine and remove separate .htm files for ob2items.for
makefilelist Subroutine to create an array of file names.
maketable Program to generate a tab-separated list that can be converted into a tab-delimited table.
missing Program to identify Activity IDs with missing metadata.
mixedcase Subroutine to verify that a file is mixed case and does not contain characters with ASCII values greater than 127.
moreinfo Subroutine to simulate "more" by printing up to 21 lines at a time.
newerthan Subroutine to determine is file #1 is newer than file #2.
nos2sound Program to reformat (*.nos) files from the NOS Hydrographic Database.
numbers2pubs Program to add ID: information to .pub files from .nums control files.
numbers2pubs_force Program to force the ID: information to .pub files from .nums control files.
obrien Program to reformat O'Brien Rock Warehouse data table into .item files.
onlypertinenttds Subroutine to extract on the pertinent <TD> </TD> pairs.
onoffinused Program to veriy that .onoff. file data types are listed in the .equipmentused files.
openio Subroutine to open input control files and output files for VALIDATOR.
overview2elements Program to convert .overview files to a formal metadata element file.
parseholdings Program to validate and parse holdings spreadsheets by Activity ID, Container #, Accession #, Scientist, and Teams.
pathname Subroutine to verify that a file exists and that it contains data.
pathparts Subroutine to parse a pathname.
pathtype Subroutine to validate the type of pathname.
plans2elements Program to convert .plan files to a formal metadata element file.
protections Program to check Information Bank for appropriate protections and ownerships.
pubs2info Program to divide publist.keep into <activity>.publications files.
pubs2publications Program to create <ID>.publications files from <#>.pub files.
report Program to generate summary reports of InfoBank additions.
reportconstraints Subroutine to report constraint requests.
reportoutputs Subroutine to report output file types.
rocks Program to remove accession information from .item files.
rocktabs Program to convert output of "rocks" program to tab-delimited.
searchfiles Subroutine to search files by keyword.
setcopyflags Subroutine to set flags for file types to copy.
showoverview Surboutine to display an overview file.
singlerecord Subroutine to validate that the file is a single record.
sortcontainers Program to sort and extract container information from items spreadsheet.
sound2info Program to convert reformatted NOSHDB soundings file to INFO file.
sound2ingen Program to convert reformatted NOSHDB soundings file to point generate format.
startend Program to combine Start and End records into one record.
summarize Program to summarize Information Bank contents.
summarizegifs Program to summarize Information Bank .gif contents.
tabdelimitvalues Subroutine to convert list of values to a tab-delimited list.
tabs2columns Subroutine to replace tabs with spaces.
test (none)
theme_keywords Program to generate formal metadata theme_keyword entries based on data directories and equipment.
threedashes Subroutine to verify that three-dash files are in the proper format.
timedata Subroutine to verify that a file is in the standard time/data format.
timelatlong Subroutine to verify that a file is in the stardard time/lat/long format.
titlecase Subroutine to verify that records in a file are in title case.
updateholdings Program to add/update material container area, type, location, column, and row information.
updateindexhtmls Program to verify that all InfoBank directories contain in index.html.
validdates Program to verify that .dates file mm/dd/yy dates match with corresponding julian dates.
validplatform Program to verify that the .platform file's contents are a valid platform name.
webupdate Program to remotely synchronize SQUID and OCTOPUS Directories.
whreport2meta Program to convert Woods Hole's Pre-Cruise or Post-Cruise Report to InfoBank metadata.

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