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Program Name Description
areacheck Program to check for the existance of .area and .maparea files for activities.
checkeot Program to check for excessive EOTVOS values (over |200|).
cssp2ll Program to calculate latitude and logitude from time, course, and speed given a starting latitude and longitude.
csspll_mh Program to calculate latitude and logitude from time, course, and speed given a starting latitude and longitude.
eotcssp Program to calculate Eotvos, course, speed, and distance.
fix180 Program to correct longitudes that are greater than +180.00000
geonav2daps Program to convert geodetic .txt file to DAPS .060 format.
getarea Program to generate a .area file.
makeboxes Program to create 5-point navigation "box" files.
midnav Program to capture the middle point of a navigation set.
navmerge Program to automatically merge navigation to a metadata file.
odometer Program to calculate the number of kilometers of track lines skipped/saved.
odometersum Program to sum the odometer values for multiple activities.
refmtthales Program to convert Thales GeoSolutions, Inc. navigation (.dat) files to DAPS standard format
ties Program to determine trackline crossings.
whnav2daps Program to reformat navigation files from CMG Woods Hole to standard DAPS format.

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