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Program Name Description
addgroup Subroutine to add a data group by "hand-digitizing" for NAVED.
addpoint Subroutine to add a polygon point group by "hand-digitizing" for NAVED.
adjust Subroutine to perform linear interpolation for NAVED.
anykey Subroutine to capture (but not forward) any key stroke for NAVED.
anyprompt Subroutine to prompt for any key stroke for NAVED.
arrowback Subroutine to draw an arrow for NAVED.
arrowedit Subroutine to draw an arrow for NAVED.
box Subroutine draws a box around the legend with lines separating sections of the legend.
changesn Subroutine to list recent changes to NAVED.
closegroup Subroutine to close a data group for NAVED.
critical Subroutine to determine critical value changes for NAVED.
csedst Subroutine to find course and distance between two points.
cursor Subroutine to get a cursor position and translate key to ascii code for NAVED.
daylabel Subroutine to plot day labels for TIMEPROF.
delete Subroutine to delete a point.
deleteseg Subroutine to delete a segment of a line.
device Subroutine to define terminal specific characteristics.
dividegroup Subroutine to divide data groups for NAVED.
draw Subroutine to take arrays of x coordinates and y coordinates and plots them, connecting the points with lines.
drawgrid Subroutine to draw a grid for TIMEPROF.
egress Subroutine to terminate NAVED.
findmaxmin Subroutine to search the given data set for the next time window containing either a maximum or a minimum data value, or both.
findpoint Subroutine to find the closest data element to the point picked by the user.
findtime Subroutine to search for closest time for NAVED.
firstwindow Subroutine to plot area of initial map with current data for NAVED.
gaps Subroutine to label time gaps on a GRAPHED display in minutes or hours.
gapsg Subroutine to label time gaps on a GRAPHED display in minutes or hours.
general Subroutine to set up general TMPROFILE parameters.
getdata Subroutine to read data files into data arrays.
getnodename Subroutine to return the node name of the current system.
getparams Subroutine to set profile parameters for each file.
grace Subroutine to add 5 percent to map boundaries for NAVED.
graph Subroutine to draw axes and grid.
graphed Program to interactively editing data.
graphelp Subroutine to display online help information for GRAPHED.
graphelpg Subroutine to display online help information for GRAPHED.
grid Subroutine to plot map boundary for NAVED.
headem Subroutine to generate, update, and maintain DRS data file header records.
help Subroutine to display help information for NAVED.
jump Subroutine to jumping to and displaying other parts of a data set.
jumpbynumber Subroutine to jump forward 1 window of points for NAVED.
jumpbytile Subroutine to jump 1 tile window for NAVED.
keepdata Subroutine to write a data set into an external output file, including all modifications made to the data indicated by the array 'ldeleted' (see TO_USE below), without leaving the calling program.
latlong Subroutine to display latitude / longitude for NAVED.
legend Subroutine to plot legend for TIMEPROF.
loaddata Subroutine to input data and parameters for NAVED.
merge Subroutine to write data to an output file for NAVED.
mergegroup Subroutine to merge data groups for NAVED.
message Subroutine to display messages across the bottom of the screen using PLOT10 character handling subroutines.
messagen Subroutine to display messages across the bottom of the screen using PLOT10 character handling subroutines.
modify Subroutine to display a summary of data and graph characteristics and allows the user to modify certain ones.
naved Interactive navigation editing program for graphic CRT's.
numlength Subroutine to determine length of a real number excluding decimal point and number of decimal places.
opener1 Subroutine to open files for NAVED.
parser Subroutine to parse device definitions.
point Subroutine to circle a point for NAVED.
rdarray Subroutine to transfer data from multi-dimensional arrays to one dimensional arrays.
remove Subroutine to delete fixes for NAVED.
replace Subroutine to replace data with data from other file for NAVED.
restore Subroutine to restore a deleted point.
restoreseg Subroutine to restore a set of previously deleted data points.
screenmessage Subroutine to display messages across the bottom of the screen using PLOT10 character handling subroutines.
search Subroutine to search for closest fix for NAVED.
setdwindo Subroutine to run the 'dwindo' PLOT-10 routine.
setincrement Subroutine to set the tag increment value for NAVED.
setscale Subroutine to determine scale for NAVED.
settag Subroutine to set the tag value for NAVED.
setwindow Subroutine to set window plot by time, position, or crosshairs for NAVED.
showdata Subroutine to display data of closest fix for NAVED.
showdeleted Subroutine to display deleted points with an X. It is internal to and called by GRAPHED.
showmaxmin Subroutine to display with x's the location of the maximum and minimum data values in the current time window.
showpoints Subroutine to display all non-deleted points in the current time window with an 'x'.
showsummary Subroutine to display a table showing data and display characteristics.
showxy Subroutine to display either time or data value for a chosen point.
specialmode Subroutine to change terminal modes to text or graphics for NAVED.
specialterm Subroutine to return terminal type.
specific Subroutine to establish file/field specific parameters for TMPROFILE.
summary Subroutine to display file parameters for NAVED.
taggroup Subroutine to tag a data group for NAVED.
tcs Subroutines for Terminal Control System (Tektronix) plotting.
timeprof Program to creating hardcopy profiles of time series data.
timetics Subroutine to label the x axis with time values.
trackback Subroutine to plot background tracklines for NAVED.
trackedit Subroutine to plot editable tracklines for NAVED.
tracknode Subroutine to plot trackline nodes for NAVED.
tracknull Subroutine to plot tagged/non-tagged editable groups for NAVED.
undelete Subroutine to un-delete deleted fixes for NAVED.
valid Subroutine to verify cursor position within allowable limits for NAVED.
windown Subroutine to window plot by time, position, or crosshairs for NAVED.
yaxis Subroutine to draw and label y axes for TIMEPROF.

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