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Program Name Description
buck Subroutine to create and maintain an online 'buck'.
cd2ll Program to determine window limits given a center lat/long and a radius in meters.
changecase Subroutine to convert all letters in a string either to smalls, CAPITALS, or Title.
command Subroutine to execute system commands from a program.
comments Subroutine to "remind" user of type of information desired in file headers.
converttime Subroutine to convert times from day/hour/min/sec/tenth_of_a_sec to/from tenths of a second.
ddtodms Subroutine to convert decimal degrees to degrees, minutes, seconds.
deadreckon Subroutine to calculate a latitude and longitude given a distance and direction from a known latitude and longitude or from a known UTMy and UTMx.
degrees Subroutine to allow N/S/W/E input in Dec. Degrees, Deg. Dec. Min., or Deg. Min. Dec. Sec. gracefully.
dfndcint Subroutine to find the intersection point(s) of two circles given center coordinates (e.g. UTM) and radii (e.g. range).
dictionary Subroutine to define standard DRS formats.
forerror Subroutine to translate and display FORTRAN error codes.
geoutm Subroutine to convert between geodetic and utm.
getarg Subroutine to return specified argument from a command line.
getcentury Subroutine to return century (1900 or 2000) associated with 2-digit year.
getcourse Subroutine to determine the course (degrees clockwise from north) between two pairs of positions.
getcruise Subroutine to extract cruise ID info. from a filename.
getdevice Subroutine to return the type of device with which the input files given to OPENER are associated.
getdistance Subroutine to determine the distance (in meters) between two pairs of positions.
geteotvos Subroutine to determine the eotvos value given: the position relative to the Equator (a latitude in decimal degrees or a UTMy in meters), a course (in degrees clockwise from north), and a speed (in knots).
getfile Subroutine to parse filename arguments for OPENER and OPENEM.
getjpihed Subroutine to return name of the program (not subroutine) currently being run.
getkey Subroutine to return an individual keystroke without the user pressing <CR>.
getmode Subroutine to determine process mode "INTERACTIVE" "BACKGROUND " (interactive, but spawned and can't handle interactive i/o).
getprcnam Subroutine to return the name of current process.
getrange Subroutine.
getspeed Subroutine to determine the speed (in knots) between two positions.
getsymbol Subroutine to return value and length of a symbol.
getusrnam Subroutine to return the name of current user.
header Subroutine to generate, update, and maintain DRS data file header records.
howlong Subroutine to quickly estimate the number of records in a file.
htmlfoot Subroutine to output the current WR MCS standard .html footer.
htmlfromaccession Subroutine to format .item file information from the accession database into .html tables.
htmlfromhyphens Subroutine to format "---" hyphenated .item file information into .html tables
htmlhead Subroutine to output the current WR MCS standard .html header.
htmlheadx Subroutine to output the extended current CMG standard .html header.
htmlids2thumbnails Subroutine to divide a directory of *ids.html files into multiple .html's based on "NAME" tags and turning on viewing of associated thumbnail gifs.
iargc Function to return number of arguments in command line.
includeit Subroutine to copy a file to a specified unit.
inside Subroutine to determine if a geographic point is inside or outside a geographic window.
interp Subroutine to interpolate value between 2 values based on integer times.
itemlist Subroutine to create formatted itemlist for VMS system services.
julianday Program to convert between "Julian" dates (actually day of year) and year/month/days.
kmlanalyzeid Subroutine to process a field activity ID for KML creating routines.
kmllookat Subroutine to add the LookAt section to KMLs.
kmlzip Subroutine to zip the .kml file into a .kmz file.
limits Subroutine to determine the max and min extents for X, Y or lat, lon.
logend Subroutine to log information about log, data, and navplt control files that were created and the data and area retrieved.
logpart Subroutine to log file-specific information when multiple files are accessed and to adjust maximum/minimum information for the total data recovery.
logstart Subroutine to log information about log, data, and navplt control files being created and the area searched.
makecontur Subroutine to create a navplt contour control file for the data and an area retrieved.
openem Subroutine to prompt for file names and opens input and output files.
opener Subroutine to prompt for input file names and opens input and output files naming output files with the same prefix as the last input file and with suffixes supplied by the calling program.
overlap Subroutine to determine if a geographic window overlaps any of another geographic window.
parsename Subroutine to parse filenames.
percentage Subroutine to display percentage of a file used.
showlines Subroutine to type first N lines of a file to the terminal.
sleeper Subroutine to freeze execution for the specified number of CPU seconds.
sortids Subroutine to sort a list of activity IDs and insert blank lines between changes in years and ships.
starin Subroutine to handle star-convention input filenames.
starout Subroutine to allow star-convention filenames for output files.
stringlen Subroutine to determine the length of a character string.
tmsp2dist Subroutine to determine the distance (in meters) given the time and speed (in knots) between two positions.
typenav Subroutine to determine the type of navigation data (lat/long, UTM, unknown) and assure hemispherical consistancy between two pairs of positions.
vescinit Subroutine to set "pretty-printing" variables for different terminals.
whatfmt Subroutine to prompt for and return a FORTRAN-type format.
yesno Subroutine to return the response to a prompt from the calling program that can be answered by a single character.

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